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Lethargy after eating — a sure path to divorce

Expert shares his diet that will help to build any relationship

Not only health, but also professional success, the family business is directly dependent on what you eat, the expert believes master of Chinese astrology and Feng Shui Jeanne Wei. And in anticipation of the upcoming summer offers its own diet, which will help to build any relationship.

Have you ever thought about that your health, success, harmonious relationships with family, colleagues and even saleswomen supermarkets is not from the sky fell a coincidence, but after all the result of your own efforts. And not the last role in your relationship with the world is food.

It is noticed that the eating habits of a person vary from season to season — so the body adapts to climate change. In the diet at different times of the year has its nuances, which I'll introduce you. Food should be easily digestible, to be fun, but it's not her only problem. Traditional Chinese medicine, for example, for three thousand years a considerable role in maintaining the health of a person takes balanced diet. To check whether your diet is healthy, just if you feel after eating, fatigue, reduced alertness, drowsiness is an occasion to reflect on its change.

In the yard, despite the snow, the agony of last week, the inevitable comes summer, when we naturally prefer vegetables, fruits, herbs, which have refreshing properties. And it's wonderful — the greens perfectly restores blood. But do not overdo it with raw food, especially if your lifestyle features super dynamic or you have a sedentary job. Instead lightness of being, you can cover depression, apathy, and, horror of horrors, the weakening of libido. After all our digestive system is better adapted to interact with cooked food. In order to recycle raw food, the body spends a large amount of energy. Therefore, the best choice in summer fresh herbs and vegetables combined with cooked dishes. In order to compensate for the natural heat of the summer, include in your diet products with cooling properties: the fruit, herbal teas, tomatoes, cucumbers, yoghurt, mineral water.

It is impossible to ignore the ever so popular summer milkshakes and ice cream based drinks of ice. Contrary to logic, they more plunge in temperature shock our body, rather than cool it. To interaction with food or drink has begun, the body has to heat it to body temperature. Think about how much energy this takes, and whether you will get the desired freshness and vigor of spirit after their use? And if you decided to cool off, take into consideration the experience of countries with hot climates drink hot drinks that are cooling, for example, mint or green tea. They freshen the body without causing abrupt cooling.

Adjust your diet so that weariness and apathy have not touched you this summer. About fatigue, its types and how to troubleshoot read on my website. Remember, the most important task of food — to fill us with energy and joy of life — that is what I sincerely wish! And learn about the trends of the current week will help my weekly astrological forecast.

May 15. On Monday you will be able to receive assistance and support through personal relations, contacts and a good relationship. None of your request will not remain without attention.

May 16. Today fortune favors the professionals. And professionalism applies not only to your profession or activity. Day will require you to maximum concentration and maximum impact — and only professionals it will be on the shoulder. As a reward for your labors, think of the evening for myself any pleasure.

May 17. Make this Wednesday focus on the things that you can start and complete today. Do not spray, do not get distracted, focus go to your goal.

May 18. The day may not be as productive as you would like. So praise yourself even for the smallest achievement.

May 19. The energy of the day makes the fairer sex especially compelling and attractive — to take this opportunity: flirt, meet & Dating.

May 20. An excellent day to resolve any kind of financial issues.

May 21. Creative spirit, a lightness of being will be your companions on Sunday. Tip — do not expose yourself today excessive exercise.

Jeanne Wei, master of Chinese astrology and Feng Shui

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