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What if the dreaming about ex

Expert Maria Dyachkova — about a relationship that ended, and the consequences were

Lately I often receive letters from readers to clarify the interpretation of dreams about former lovers or husbands. The relationship ended, sometimes years ago, but the consequences remained.

Our dreams are trying to deal with these consequences, although often in the headlines letters to women asking me if I dream about former lover, maybe it means I still love him?

No, not necessarily. Our dream is the road to that experience which we shared, connected. When a relationship ends, we are bombarded by devastating is the fact that now we have to bear this experience alone. Through dreams we help ourselves "to depoziti" it, to distribute forces and resources in new ways.

For example, here is a letter from a woman who writes about the affair, which has ended, but the consequences, which she still manages, left.

"I hesitated to tell yourself that it ended between us that the relationship does not develop. It was comfortable and familiar, even, I thought securely. But once I had a delay. As these few days have changed my life! I realized that I didn't want children with this man, because the children bind us forever. The alarm was false, I was not pregnant, but I broke out the horror of what these few days, I desperately wanted a baby. I! I love children and always wanted her. And suddenly realized that you don't want to associate themselves with this man. We parted abruptly, rudely, I didn't care. And now many years later I had a dream that interrogating me, from whom I still had a baby. And I say that from my husband, talking with ease. In the dream, visualize the image of my former lover. And somehow I very warmly belong to it, although in my life it's not even thought a few years to this dream, but if sometimes remembered only as something heavy and dark in my life."

Perhaps the dream is telling our snovidenie that she is still trying to cope with the difficult event. Due to the fact the event of a delay, she found the entire gap between them, the lack of prospects lined up, rotten relationship with his then lover. And in that moment destroyed her illusions about herself, about him, about the possible children of the future. And like his dream, she tries to tell himself that everything is done correctly, everything as it should be: family, children. And now it's all right, she can look with the warmth of its past. Now she is not scared of the future and sustainable. And when she became stable, she can even to remember with gratitude those cases, sobriety, insight, even painful, with which she chose to create a love relationship, in which children are a natural and welcome continuation. Yes, such experiments have in everyone's life. And the most painful moments can sometimes be the turning point for the fate, if they do so.

Or here's an example. This woman not long ago went through a painful divorce. As with almost any divorce, it was accompanied by a huge number of dug secrets, painful truths are finally told each other many of the decisions, division of property and the building separate from each other lives.

And her sleep is like, "I choose a safe home. Looking apartment in a luxury house. Dismiss unreliable and dubious choices. Look just what safely and permanently. Learn tips, make inquiries. The apartment where neighbors change every 4 years, I do not like. I see housing carefully and for a long time".

This dream without the complex metaphors reflects that navideca looking for a way to create a solid Foundation. Perhaps even the number 4 plays a meaning. May be, as there was a marriage, and maybe that figure is not a formal duration of the Union, and the time for her Union to her was a real support.

In the dream, she seeks and creates for itself a solid Foundation, not in the other person, and is building support myself.

I wonder what you dream about? Examples of your dreams send почту:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. By the way, dreams are much easier to explain if the letter to the editor you write prior life circumstances, but most importantly the feelings and thoughts in the moment of awakening from this dream.

Maria Dyachkova, a psychologist, family therapist and host of the personal growth training Training center Marik Khazin

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