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Mendelssohn's March in sneakers is cancelled: the Registrar has banned musicians and introduced a dress code

Expert Olga Marandi tells what to do and what is the alternative

The city authorities have banned any commercial activity in the registry office. After that, perhaps a destination wedding ceremony will become even more popular with honeymooners. This can be done formally — with the removal of the registration books from the Registrar's office and staged. The difference between them is very significant. The first leads from the Registrar of the registry office, the second you hired a Registrar or host that gives you the opportunity to arrange and orchestrate her own script.

So what and who fell under the ban from may 1?

Live music
To go to the marriage hall under Mendelssohn's March now will fail.
But there is another side to the coin: many complained about the quality of workmanship in the registry office is impossible to install a professional sound. The musicians understand that their work suffers.
The alternative is to invite musicians. First, you are limited in choice to play at your celebration will be able and pianist, and a violinist, and maybe a cover band. Second, there is a wide repertoire, choose any song — classic rock, R&B. March by Mendelssohn and waltz "My sweet and tender beast" is no longer in fashion.

Марш Мендельсона в кедах отменяется: в загсах запретили музыкантов и ввели дресс-код

Good wedding photographs are not only a clear picture, but live emolite: Larissa Doronina

Photographer and videographer
Questions to specialists in this field of the wedding industry, customers and the organizers for a long time. Shooting "the window", "window", "box" was outdated ten years ago. But photographers in the Registrar's office has continued this tradition. So many of the stereotype: Yes no then it is not revising. Because not reviewing.
But we are evolving, learning. The picture quality is now not only and not so much in its definition, as in the emotion: live photos, smiles, tears, gestures is important. These photos literally come to life — as if you are transported to that day and relive it!

Марш Мендельсона в кедах отменяется: в загсах запретили музыкантов и ввели дресс-код

Photo: Nikolay Zavyalov

Receptions after the ceremony
In many the registry office and the wedding Palace were offered to celebrate a wedding with champagne with appetizers. If the ceremony exit, the buffet turns into an event: the selection of drinks is at your discretion, and not necessarily alcoholic! HLS has not been canceled! Snacks — it's not just canapes, but the real works of culinary art catering services provide a wide choice: sweet table, cheese table, fish table. And not just the tarts from the supermarket with caviar.

Smashing glasses
Finally, this tradition is rooted in the past. To beat glasses and to bite a loaf of rustic tradition, which is firmly established in the scenario of weddings for many years, but she is so not fit into the classic scenario, sometimes painful to watch as a bride in a dress for 80 thousand rubles, and with beautiful makeup, and the groom of the barbershop in a plaid jacket torn to pieces "happy bread", and even teeth. Don't do that. It looks good on themed weddings in a rustic, rural style, in the extreme case in the rustic style, but not at a local restaurant. The same applies to the smashing of glasses that is dangerous. To replace this tradition — read in my next article.

Марш Мендельсона в кедах отменяется: в загсах запретили музыкантов и ввели дресс-код

Photo: Larissa Doronina

Osypanie petals and rice
That not only put our grandmother in a basket with rose petals — rice, coins, and candy. Want to get luxurious curls or grains of rice to the forehead "roundabout"? Probably not. Thank you, now it's banned. Although the reason is quite different — who will clean up after the newlyweds broken glass, rice and petals, which is very easy to slip?

Марш Мендельсона в кедах отменяется: в загсах запретили музыкантов и ввели дресс-код

Photo: Nikolay Zavyalov

Dress code
Dress code is not entered for the couple, and invited specialists — photographers, videographers and coordinators. Actually it is a headache for agencies. In the registry office constantly meet the characters in torn jeans or dirty t-shirts. Should make in the contract item about the dress code so as not to spoil not only a solemn day showdown with the Registrar, but wedding photo and video, which often found the back of the videographer, kindly captured by the photographer.

In conclusion, I would like to wish my advice has helped make your wedding day one of the most memorable events!

A wedding planner Olga Maranti

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