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5 rules of a happy relationship describes how to create and keep love

  • The second half
  • "If I found a second — such as I am, I'd have made it myself at home." In the partner we want to see your reflection even if you're not aware of it. We find people with close family interests and worldview. This means that if you are not satisfied with something in the loved one, it would be nice to draw attention to himself. Change for the better, then around you are decent people.

  • Let us what you want to
  • "As the call, so the echo", — says the proverb. It's simple: treat a person as would like to be treated. Believe me, it is not necessary to wait attention and care from her husband, if you haven all night "sawed".

    Everyone wants to be loved, cared about, was with him a generous and tender. The more you give, the more you get in return. With jealousy, accusing partner by manipulating them, you will get the same treatment from her.

  • Do not hurt loved ones
  • It happens that the heat of the moment you said a person a lot of unpleasant. You let off steam, and forget, but in the soul of the partner is left wound. For how long? It all depends on the individual case. Sometimes the word can and is deadly to offend.

    Do not skimp on the praise and compliments, support and approval. Tell partner how you appreciate him and trust him. Never be afraid to say the three magic words: "I love you".

  • Love is work
  • Relationships are never smooth and stable. Perfect love and a long cloudless family life are only in women's novels. In fact, love is a daily work on yourself, on your Outlook. You have to learn to compromise and concessions, to remain silent when you need to forget about your ego.

  • Give hugs
  • Person from a very early age the necessary tactile sensations. In the arms of my mother, we feel protected from the world. Growing up, we also need protection, acceptance, calm — that is, in the touch of loved ones.

    Scientists have found that during affectionate touch in humans, reduces the amount of stress hormones, relaxes the nervous system, improves the immune system, stabiliziruemost emotions. More often, hug a loved one just like that, without sexual motive, holding hands. Thus you will become closer, and the relationship between you is trust and honest.

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