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Underwear and men: do we need a strong floor your lace

Белье и мужчины: нужны ли сильному полу ваши кружева

And you know what effect it can have on man correct bra? If not, advice for selecting the most seductive item in every woman's wardrobeLinen is considered one of the most erotic items of female wardrobe. At least, so say the cunning producers. There is truth in the fact that a woman feels confident in a beautiful Lacy lingerie. However, to really get to the heart of men underwear should be chosen properly. We will help you make the right choice

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The benefits of people without a relationship

Преимущества людей без отношений

It is believed that the woman must be paired, otherwise it's something wrong. tell what the pros have single peopleMost people are of the opinion that a person is considered, in some sense, fully, only when he enters into a relationship. Especially strong this stereotype is sitting in our moms, who grew up in the era of shortage of pasta and men.In modern society, long term relationships and if you have a place to be, it is only the strong desire of the halves

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Sex as a way of manipulation

Секс как способ манипуляции

Often we find ourselves under the influence of another person, though they do not notice it. will tell you how to avoid unwanted pressure sexTrying to manipulate sex, men and women unwittingly ruin their relationship. There are many examples of such behavior in the literature, for example, in "the Book of the thousand and one nights", where women skillfully uses his appeal to save life

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Louts among us: politely put people on the spot

Хамы среди нас: вежливо ставим человека на место

We meet these people everywhere: on the street, at work and even at home. will give a few tips on how to respond to negativity in his addressBoorish attitude we face, if not every day then at least several times a week for sure. However, not only the public transport and public places are the abode of evil... that is rudeness. Most often the people with whom we are forced to argue, are our loved ones, colleagues and friends — those with whom we communicate constantly

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Group sex: pros and cons

Групповой секс: плюсы и минусы considers all aspects of the process, which is a secret dream of almost everyoneThe ability to invite to bed "the third" is tempting: it is possible to carry out long-held fantasies and look at the process of sex in new ways. If you want to offer to your partner is zesty entertainment, one should first learn about the pros and cons of group sex. It is possible that after reading the article you will change your mind

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Bring to light: how to determine that the man is lying to you

Выводим на чистую воду: как определить, что мужчина вам лжет advises on what words and gestures you can spot the liarWomen detectives than Sherlock Holmes, however, skill is dulled, when it comes to the beloved. Feelings mind and is able to clean away even the most compelling arguments against the controversial actions of your men. Perhaps, "no, he's not like that" — the most common phrase women say

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Sex via the Internet: the male gaze

Секс через интернет: мужской взгляд

Our sex columnist Roman Galchenko tried to find in the world wide web noncommittal relationship, and despite his charisma and experience, was defeated. Why?In recent times rely on the mobile app. Supposedly these magical mediators between virtual and reality even to the last idler will help to find a partner for sex. Here's a male perspective on the exaggeration of such judgments.In mid-December, after ending a relationship, I wanted to gulp the air of freedom. And full chest

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Sexual abstinence: is it dangerous or not

Сексуальное воздержание: опасно или нет

At first glance, in a small number of sexual contacts there is nothing wrong. However, experts do not agree, and tell me why exactly you need to reconsider the attitude to sexThe topic is quite delicate, and a definite answer to this question is no, as each person determines the quality and regularity of sexual activity on their own. However, many psychologists believe that the reduction in the frequency of sexual contacts has a negative effect on the psyche and physical health

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5 rules of successful sex

5 правил успешного секса

Ended your sex anything at least once? If the answer is "Yes", tell why this is happening and how to fix the situationSexologists becoming more and more popular, according to statistics of requests the Internet search engines. And all because of the fact that a huge number of people in our (and not only our) country are experiencing difficulties in their sexual lives. The problem often lies not so much in physiology, as in the relation of man to this process

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5 movies with real sex scenes

5 фильмов с настоящими секс-сценами

In many films there are erotic shots, but not all Directors are solved in-kind shooting. made a selection of strips whose creators do not suffer from shyness"Idiots," "Nymphomaniac," "Antichrist"All three works are daring to film Director Danish Lars von Trier. The provocative film "the Idiots" was the first in three of the most erotic works of the master

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