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Love with the consequences: whether to enter into a marriage contract

Любовь с последствиями: стоит ли заключать брачный договор

Host of "juvenile", lecturer of the law faculty of the University of Victoria Danilchenko shared with his expert opinionDespite the fact that your family relationships are built on trust, love and understanding, and the second half doesn't accept the idea that you can stay with nothing, we should not forget: love is love, and the housing and other property — apart

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How to fight right

Как ссориться правильно

Conflicts occur even in the most amicable families. Psychologist Anna Yotko told what to do when everything is infuriating and annoying, but need to maintain the relationshipYou can often hear: quarrel in a vacuum. But a quarrel without a reason does not happen, just sometimes the reason is not obvious. Then it indicates problems in the relationship. For example, the husband returned later, but did not want to explain where I was

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6 rules for a happy family

6 правил счастливой семьи

For harmonious relationship, both spouses are responsibleRule of wife number 1No wonder folk wisdom says that man is head and woman is the neck without which it anywhere. Therefore the first task of the wife is to control their condition. If she's cheerful, happy and calm, and the atmosphere in the house will be harmonious. Of course, we are not robots, everyone can "get off on the wrong foot," but it's your job to keep emotions under control.A happy wife creates уютpixabay

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5 signs that your new Beau is better to stay away

5 признаков того, что от нового кавалера лучше держаться подальше

Don't miss the romance serious flaws of manSign №1In the beginning of a relationship we tend to many turn a blind eye because hopefully small flaws partner's behaviour is random. However, if your new boyfriend leaves regularly checks in boxes and bags with gifts and the restaurant loudly outraged the invoice amount, it's likely he's just a greedy man.Not a miser if он?pixabay

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5 traditions, which can be postponed

5 традиций, от которых можно отказаться

It is time to replace "should" with "want"Tradition No. 1In recent years, among parents there was a strange tradition almost every year to make children graduation. The first ball of the kids will take place at the exit from the kindergarten, then celebrate first-graders — they're weaned for a year, then fourth grade, ninth, eleventh, undergraduate, graduate. However, these entertainments are more concerned parents than themselves heroes of the occasion

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What to do if your husband lost interest

Что делать, если муж охладел

The author of several books on sexual mastery, Director of the women's training centre Ekaterina Fedorova what to do, when faded passion between the partnersTo appear before the man in a favorable light, even if you are far from ideal, is not such a difficult task. Remember Actresses who appear in explicit scenes. They are not perfect beauties with parameters ninety–sixty–ninety. However, their charm, confidence and skillful movement are fascinating

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Whether to make a pause in relations

Стоит ли делать паузу в отношениях

A break often seems quite logical way out of a situation when everything came to a standstill. Psychologist Anna Yotko told if this step is to save the feelings and the return of "good times"It is assumed that the pause provides an opportunity to rethink the relationship, to understand themselves, to relax and decide what to do next. It is believed that at a distance is especially evident feelings or lack of them

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What kind of women scare men

Какие женщины отпугивают мужчин

Sometimes the girls themselves behave in such a way that it repels chosen. Parapsychologist and psychologist Saona talks about 5 of the characters that are not popular with menWoman with serious intentionsTruth be told, we all (or almost all) want to get married and to arrange his personal life, to have children, the house. However, the modern representatives of a strong half of mankind does not want to be forced into anything, and in favor of freedom of choice

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Sex myths about which is better to forget

Секс-мифы, про которые лучше забыть

Expert, sexologist Olga stern — about marriages without sex and inciting a faded passionThe topic of sex is still surrounded by myths that we're going to dispel.Sex toys prefer perverts?Not at all. Love them and humble girl, and a pair of experimenters, and eager to razgorodit the proximity of people. Sex toys can be called a huge technological achievement and a great helper in sex life. Moreover, now you can easily pick up a toy on the level of their emancipation

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As a young girl to choose a suitable life goal

Как молодой девушке выбрать подходящую жизненную цель

Female trainer-psychologist, the expert in online Dating, family relationships, and fulfillment Veronica Romanov gives advice on how not to scatter his talents in this big world and find a true pathProbably, everyone in their lives have often asked themselves about their own goals. Why do I live? What I want to do in the time allotted me in this world? And girls, women to choose the target is still harder than men

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