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5 reasons to hide your husband

5 причин скрывать своего мужа

Psychologists wonder, and women makeReason # 1It just says, let it look like hell, but there was. In fact, women are very worried, if her companion is bald, fat and ugly. Big problem — growth, good-bye heels. In our society it is accepted that the man was above.Goodbye каблукиpixabay.comReason # 2Beautiful, well-groomed man is also a problem. Not gay if you have it? Somehow, it is believed that for the sake of the beloved woman is not necessary to follow

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5 factors that increase the risk of divorce

5 факторов, увеличивающих риск развода

Scientists have deduced interesting patternsFactor No. 1According to the observations of American sociologists, it is very important at what age the couple got married. If young people get married almost at school, their pair is very likely soon to disintegrate. It's the immature individuals who still do not know what they want from life, not define the values.The marriage age from 25 to 32 летpixabay

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5 things that will help to reveal the character of a person

5 мелочей, которые помогут раскрыть характер собеседника

On a first date pay attention to his gestures and behaviorRead the opinionA man looks you in the eye, see how he does it. Interested, gently, relishing? A look can say a lot. For example, the attitude and desire.Not looking at you? You don't интереснаpixabay.comThe analyzed postureIf during the conversation the man is trying to be a little closer, he's interested not only conversation, but you. But crossed or hidden hand talking about suspicion and secrecy

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Working wife or housewife: what's best for the family

Работающая жена или домохозяйка: что лучше для семьи

Family psychologist Alexey Golev told what pitfalls lie in wait for women when choosing one option or the otherIn the modern world woman, in addition to household chores takes care of, and making money. While her husband works too, but coming home requires delicious food, ironed shirts and well-behaved children. Many girls do not cope with this load, and become Housewives. And after some time the family breaks up

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Married life: expectation and reality

Why relationship problems occur after marriage, and can they be avoided? trying to deal with the psychologist Inna KiryushkinaDivide the moneyIt begins with a struggle for "power". More precisely, for the money. What to spend the savings — on earrings for her or a console for him? To go to Paris or to save for a mortgage? This is a question about who in the family home. Often such conflicts lead to separation

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Why a woman who owes nothing, there will always be a loser

Почему женщина, которая никому ничего не должна, всегда будет в проигрыше

Consultant relations, writer Olga Kraynova exposes one of the most common strong girls a mythBeautiful, independent, confident, flying gait walks past the men, and he immediately falls for her. And, of course, begins to court her. Active, beautiful, unhackneyed and always paraded in front of everyone. And why? Because it is "all in, Dolce Gabbana", confident men, not shy, she is not met, the promise does not hold, because the woman is not forbidden to be a little bitchy, and she owes nothing

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Male dreams: to search or not to search

Мужчина мечты: искать или не искать

Spring — time of love. And many women dream to meet the perfect partner. However, do not rush to believe that it exists. listened to the psychologists Alena al-AsIt is difficult to say how many girls ' lives broke the dream of the perfect man as not perfect, but worthy men were rejected because of the belief in the ideal, how much time and nerves wasted in search of the ideal. And all this from a little idea to give as hard as the idea to meet the man of dreams

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5 female phrases that can bring a man from himself

5 женских фраз, которые способны вывести из себя мужчину

Do not provoke a scandal with a partnerIncomprehensibility: "Oh, everything!"This phrase has already become a meme. And if a girl invests in her a deep sense, then her partner she infuriates its incomprehensibility. According to them, this is another way to walk away from dialogue and to provoke a scandal. While we on the contrary, make it clear that the topic is closed for discussion.Don't tell загадкамиpixabay.comComparison: "But my ex..." So better not to start a dialogue

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How to cope with jealousy

Как справиться с ревностью

This nagging feeling can bring into a frenzy, so the question arises: what to do? Psychologist and head of the club Olga Romaniv shares effective tipsWhy is there jealousyThere are people who are jealous because of the confidence that they are not good enough (pretty, smart, rich) for its partners, and each person they are willing to see the opponent. The man noticed that his girlfriend staring other men can be very confident and still be jealous

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What to do with "sofa" husband

Expert talks about the reasons and methods of changes of the situation in which de-energized the male energyDo doctors have the comic "the law of pair cases," however, is absolutely applicable in practice. Found pathology — look for a second.And in psychological practice it works differently. Client brought a problem — and then on the chain, this pulled similar cases. Not so long ago in my working field was called "divan husband," so, it's time to describe it

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