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Man vs woman: when the head should not interfere with the body

Мужчина vs женщина: когда голова не должна мешать телу

Experts Ilya Belomyttsev and Irina Chekunova — about what actually constitutes the choice of a partnerWhy some girls can't find a partner? Even seemingly beautiful and successful? You may not agree with the views of our experts. Just discussing relationships, and experts two — Ilya and Irina.Irina: recently I began to notice that around me a lot of girls that can not determine the choice of partner. For example, there is, call it conditionally, Lena

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Contract marriage: salvation or bondage?

Expert lawyer Alexey Sklyarenko tells about the pros and cons of a contractual relationship between spousesIn 1995 enacted the Family code of the Russian Federation. Provisions of the new code differ from the Code on marriage and family of RSFSR 1969. In particular, the new law introduced the Institute of the marriage contract. Lawyers are still arguing about the necessity of introducing such innovations.I propose to discuss the pros and cons of the marriage contract

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"Sex has become a nightmare for me": 3 questions about intimate plastic

 «Секс стал для меня кошмаром»: 3 вопроса об интимной пластике

Doctor of medical Sciences Svetlana Gagarina – about what is indecent for the doctor does not happenIntimate plastic. Why and who needs it? How it will affect the quality of life? Try to understand the examples of specific stories of patients is one of the leading surgeons specializing in intimate plastics, MD, Svetlana V. Gagarin.Here is what plastic surgeon Dr. Gagarina one of the patients:"After my second child was born sex became for me a nightmare

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Boris Grebenshchikov has taken away wives from their musicians

Борис Гребенщиков уводил жен у своих музыкантов

Three of the spouse of the leader of the "Aquarium" before he legalized relationship with them, were companions of his best friendsThis spring, famous former American singer Joanna Stingray, who in the eighties she lived for several years in St. Petersburg, published his photo archive. And rock idols have suddenly appeared quite other than trying to seem many years

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What should a woman do to strengthen the love of a man

Expert coach-analyst, system integrative therapist Tatyana Belyaeva — on the faces of the relations of the two sexes."We all dream about the great and eternal love. Women tend (more than men) to "work" in the relationship, trying to improve them. The theme itself suggests that the tenacious society sustainable patterns of behavior to "build love"

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Time for parents: don't miss Dating each other?

How much would mom and dad do not bind the home, whatever the kids demanded no attention, and spouses is extremely important to find time for yourself and for each otherThe kids are very helpful periodically to see how your mother puts on an evening dress, puts things in a brand new trendy clutch bag and goes on a date with dad. Good mood, new impressions and love of parents to each other – the atmosphere in which children will grow up healthy and happy

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Erotic dreams: why dream about ex-lovers?

Expert Maria Dyachkova – about the intricacies of sexual relationships in dreams and in realityRecently I received several emails about erotic dreams, which I've been waiting for. For almost 4 years, this column of letters with such content, will not believe, was not. Perhaps because they do not need interpretation, but also painfully private matter!However, in the examples below, is where carousing.The first dream: "I dream of my first love

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Wedding bouquet: how to share happiness

Свадебный букет: как поделиться счастьем

Expert Olga Marandi – about how to observe a beautiful tradition of not offending friendsWedding traditions have many now cause rejection, they say, as old as the world and not fashionable. But it is the tradition — the native country or who came to us from the side — that's what makes a wedding a wedding

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Stars who have achieved success after divorce

Звезды, добившиеся успеха после развода remembered celebrities that parting with her husband benefitedPsychologists say that after divorce people succeed. As, for example, ISA Dolmatova still habitually called his ex-wife of rapper Guf. However, the popularity of the girl has long outstripped your ex and to stop there is not going to.ISA Dolmatova (31)ISA Dolmatova and rapper Guffalo: INSTAGRAM.COM/AIZALOVESAMISA was married to famous rapper Guf in 2008 at the age of 24. In 2010, she gave him a son

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Galina Yudashkin and Peter Maksakov: the successors of dynasties

Галина Юдашкина и Петр Максаков: продолжатели династий

Wedding couples has become one of the most talked-about events last year and tied several star namesGalina Yudashkin and Peter Maksakov very soon to become parents. The name of the baby was well thought – Anatoly, in honor of his grandfather, the legendary Soviet Ambassador to the United States. And it's not only the bright representative of several dynasties that were linked through marriage, Galina and Peter...Their wedding was one of the most talked about events of the past year

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