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Size matters

Размер имеет значение

5 reasons to keep it secret from friendsYes, we speak of the sexual dignity of your men. Girlfriend often discuss among themselves successes and failures of intimate life. Well, who else to talk to? Not everyone can afford a consultation with a psychologist or sexologist. And it's not just about money, but in the complexes. With friends, we become open and able with a glass of wine to discuss any topic.Discuss, tell, share on health. But WomanHit

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Good men and their habitats

If you still haven't found love, then you weren't lookingOur love of gadgets has a bad effect on personal life. Instead of having to searchman in the real world, we often go in search of virtual reality, and often fail: the Cavaliers are not those who were.Much better to look for a partner where often men are the type you need. Want athlete with muscular body? Buy a gym membership and do not hesitate to start there new friends

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5 rules of family sex

5 правил семейного секса tells how spouses to rekindle the flames of passionHot nights in the arms of a passionate lover turned into a sad marriage sex once a week? Well, if it's any consolation, in such a situation a few years of marriage are a woman. And, characteristically, are to blame. The situation can be corrected, follow the tips and your bedroom will again ignite the flames of passion.Training should be регулярнымиpixabay.comRule # 1Sex should be regular

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5 ways to cope with jealousy

5 способов справиться с ревностью

Expert — parapsychologist, psychologist, specialist on health Sergei lang — sure: nothing is worse for a relationship than the treason charges, which was notJealousy can kill the strongest love. Jealousy is a feeling that destroys your nervous system and energy. Unfortunately, for many people love is parallel with jealousy. But in fact, the love runs parallel with trust. Jealous, you can't just love and trust your partner

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The guitar is a tool for discovering

Girls prefer musiciansSocial scientists conducted an experiment to find out what kind of men women find more attractive. They asked for a volunteer and sent him outside to meet girls.When the guy approached with empty hands and spoke with the ladies, only 14% gave him my phone number. Even fewer contacts, he gathered, when met having a bag in the hands of just 9%. But the guitar case has brought the subject much more success. 31% of the fairer sex decided to continue communication with him

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Looking for younger

Young lovers has its advantagesIf you do not understand that sophisticated lady Bridget found in the young President of France Emanuele the Makron, it means you have never had a serious relationship with men younger than you, and perhaps this omission would have cost to resolve.Dating a younger man, you are not going to spend the evening on the sofa watching TV. Band performances, fashion exhibitions, trips on nature — a young man can help you decide to visit lots of interesting events

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Invisible signs of problems in marriage

Sometimes to understand what the relationship was stalled, only having seen them under an imaginary magnifying glassEven if you are both faithful to each other, not blow money on a hobby, not agreeing with the second half and reached full agreement in matters of procreation, yet the fact that your marriage is happy. Sometimes you do not even know that something is wrong. Or want to understand

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Became known, some girls are less likely to attract men

Many women strive to be noticed by men. However, not everyone is able to do itCanadian scientists found out which girls are the least sexy. Turns out that women become less attractive during menstruation. The impact on sexuality provide indicators of the female body to the possibility of pregnancy.To prove their theory, the experts of Royal University of Ontario for a long time, watched the sexual behavior of the opposite sex. Ovulating women unconsciously demonstrated unsexy gait

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Top 5 reasons because of which men cheat

Топ-5 причин, из-за которых мужчины изменяют

Expert divided male perspective on infidelity and how to avoid itExpert — parapsychologist, psychologist, rehabilitation specialist, a certified member of the "Professional medical Association of specialists of traditional and folk medicine," Sergei lang talks about infidelity from a male point of view.Most women live with the conviction that all men cheat on their wives. It seems that, no matter how you try to my husband, he'll find another woman on the side

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Loves me — loves me not: a test of the strength of the relationship

Expert, master of Chinese astrology and Feng Shui Jeanne Wei offers a simple way to check whether your prospective novelLove and relationships play a very important role in our lives. We quickly lose interest in the story in which no love. That's why in any movie, play, book — for ten minutes or so later — be sure there is the intrigue with a man and a woman at the helm.Using simple questions, given below, check that you have managed to grow at love field

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