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It makes you non-sexual

A survey of 13 000 Russians showed what factors make a woman less desirableThe study was conducted by the popular Russian portal for women and found that 64% of respondents believe the most asexual characteristic unpleasant smell coming from his mouth or from the body.Much less people (31%) said they considered antisexual extra weight. As many members are not attracted to the lay in intimacy, and the habit of doing all the comments

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Love story: Natasha Koroleva and Sergey Glushko

Love story: Наташа Королева и Сергей Глушко

They are together for 16 years and act like newlyweds every year pronounce the vows of love and fidelityThe loneliness of loveNatasha Koroleva and Sergey Glushko met in the late 90s. Then the singer, along with his girlfriend came to the strip club and saw a performance of the famous Tarzan and his orchestra. The show so impressed the artist that she invited the students to participate in the program. Then neither Natasha or Sergei even thoughts did not arise to flirt or get acquainted

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Men called causes of female asexuality

Appearance plays not the only roleSociologists conducted a survey among men to find out what women push them away and whom they find sexually unattractive. As it turned out the study, the appearance of the female partner plays a major role, but still...Oh, not in vain invented all sorts of deodorants and perfumes. In the first place man can push a woman's smell. It's not just about basic hygiene

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What was marriage in the twenty-first century

Каким стал брак в XXI веке

The specialists of the national research UNIVERSITY Higher school of Economics for a long time studied how changes in Russia's attitude towards the family. They identified five core areasCohabitation or trial marriagePair first, for some time live together, and then go to the Registrar. It is a "trial" marriage, which includes, but does not alter the official

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Will 100% check the guy before marriage

Journey together will help all to understandIntroduction, first meeting, tenderness, love, and think you will live in this euphoria all their lives together until their last breath.Believe me, I think more than half of the Dating couples. But all the main words, proposals are made, lovers were married and... just a couple of weeks, the couple finds out that can't live together.Psychologists suggest a simple way of checking. Before you decide to live together, go on a journey

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Scientists have discovered parts of the human brain, which are responsible for desire and love

Conclusions are made on the basis of 20 different studiesSeveral groups of scientists in different countries took up the experiments with the human brain to figure out: how in it there is love and desire. The results of joint research work published canadian University Concordia.According to Professor of psychology at the University of Concordia Jim Pfaus, their nocna group compared love and sexual desire. They tried to understand the mechanisms of their action

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Sex pheromones was the usual "zilch"?

Scientists believe that they don't make the opposite sex more attractive to each otherThe idea that pheromones make people more attractive — was a myth. Alas, scientists have shown that produced by the male and female bodies sex pheromones — androstadienone and estratetraenol not make people more attractive.For example, because such chemicals isolated animals, and the people on them did not react.On the first day of the experiment, the smells inflicted on a group of people

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And you thought, how many people in your bed?

The researchers decided that the present is not a partner, and someone else during sex, is this normalImagine that you're in love with johnny Depp, not with her husband norm. The important thing in a name is not to be mistaken.Scientists one British company interviewed 100 respondents and got amazing results. It turns out almost half of men and women during sex fantasizing about another person

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How to get rid of loneliness in 21 days

Как избавиться от одиночества за 21 день

Coach relations Leo Vozhevatov shares the secrets of attracting women's happinessA reputable expert in male psychology, Executive coach relationship Leo Vozhevatov in his new book, "BDSM: goddess for his men. To find, to attract, to charm" gives important advice to women how to think and act in new ways, achieving happiness smart, elegant and effective way.The strategy of "attracted — pushed". This is the most important strategy for any woman

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"Chained": the secrets of happiness the most solid star couples

«Скованные одной цепью»: секреты счастья самых крепких звездных пар

Celebrities, who, despite everything, to save your marriageLife is not a fairy tale. To live long and happily — most wisdom. And then I heard like disintegrate, it would seem that the most durable pair. But there are those who have managed, despite all the vicissitudes, save the marriage. Among celebrities, which are generally considered quite windy, was a lot those who are loyal to your other half. To name just some of the characters

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