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5 signals from girls that men subconsciously react

5 сигналов от девушек, на которые подсознательно реагируют мужчины

They say the woman should be a mystery. found out what want to solve menScientists from the University of Rochester conducted a survey of a group of men. These were people of different ages, social status and marital status. Their responses are somewhat puzzled researchers: it turns out that men and women have different views on the beautiful and on what must be a true lady.1

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Scientists have found that we choose a sexual partner by the name

If a man or woman's name is dissonant, then the relationship is unlikely to developMany people are auditory — the main source of information they have hearing. But looks can fall by the wayside. Whatever you beauty, but if you have a squeaky voice, better just play dumb.Scientists conducted studies, which was attended by several hundred people. It turned out that the choice of the partner or the partner of the respondents was influenced by the similarity of their names and surnames

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As you begin to live with a man and not to leave in the first year

Expert the psychoanalyst Alexander Rybinski, Professional member of the International Psychoanalytic Society — about the important rules of communication with his second halfEvery athlete knows that to hold the title much more difficult than winning it the first time. Similarly, in life: to bring the relationship to the stage of living together is only half the battle. To experience not was the son of difficult mistakes, consider the most popular ones

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The best ideas for evening with a loved one

After the working day it is possible not only to crash on the couch and turn on the TV. There are ways to relax together over a niceAs is known, the best rest is change of activity. Take a walk in unfamiliar places, visit a new cafe — fresh feeling will help to forget about problems. The same effect arises in the theatre, the Museum, the lessons in drawing or singing, the amusement Park. In the warm season you can have a picnic in nature

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As Yulia Samoilova found her Prince

Как Юлия Самойлова нашла своего принца

The love story of the artist, which this year will represent Russia at "Eurovision"Every Princess should have a knight. Here and Yulia Samoilova, who in may will go to represent Russia at "Eurovision" in Kiev, is the one who is always there. remember the wonderful love story.The seventh of April the singer Yulia Samoilova will be 28 years. Eight years with her is her beloved young man — Alex Taran

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Doctors believe that sex need to do every day

Медики считают, что сексом нужно заниматься ежедневно

They found five reasons to prove this thesisOver the years, many couples fail to have sex. He just leaves them out of the habit, it becomes something optional, among other things.The scientists were able to find five evidence that this behavior of the spouses is fundamentally not true. And proved that this need to exercise every day.It leads to intimacy with партнером...pixabay.comThe first reasonSex involves not only physical contact but also an intimate, emotional intimacy partners

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The novel Mathilde Kschessinska and Nicholas II: first published diary of a ballerina

Роман Матильды Кшесинской и Николая II: впервые опубликован дневник балерины

Unknown entries from the archives, finally saw the lightDiaries ballerina Matilda Kshesinskaya, which she described in detail all the episodes of the meeting with the future Emperor Nicholas II, was first published by the "Moskovskiy Komsomolets". Documents stored in the archives of the Museum of Bakhrushin, shed light on the novel ballerina and heir to the throne.Mathilde Kschessinska in 1880In the context of the centenary of the revolution, Nicholas II now the debate as a political figure

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The recurrence of fate: how are Olga Krasko, Olga Arntgolts

Повторение судьбы: как связаны Ольга Красько и Ольга Арнтгольц

Life brilliant actress intertwined with loveOn the curtain of the past year came the news: actress Olga Arntgolts second time become a mother. The actress does not announce the pregnancy, but took maternity leave: does not service in a Theatre of Nations and refuses to film projects. The happy event will connect her with another actress Olga Krasko. After all, the father of Olga, a former civil husband Krasko

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The topics covered: what is not worth talking with her husband

Every woman should be a mystery, experts believe Ekaterina FedorovaExpert psychologist-class with 14 years of experience, coach, presenter, sex coach, and a participant of TV programs, author of training books, provocative trainings and tutorials Ekaterina Fedorova believes that every woman should be a mysteryAfter the wedding the lives of men and women flows smoothly in one direction: common challenges, joint budget, one bedroom

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