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Star experience: how to become happy after divorce?

Звездный опыт: как стать счастливой после развода?

«Расставанье - little death». So goes the famous song. However, for many women, divorce has become a real springboard, after which life has acquired a new acceleration. All those who today it is not easy and it seems that it is better to go and drown myself to remember are: divorce is not the end of life, and its beginning. And experience stellar women - proof

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How to bewitch a man?

Как приворожить мужчину?

Waxing moon - is the best time to engage in the creation of a love mascot or a magic приворотом his beloved. Rites best done in odd-numbered days, especially from Thursday to Friday, because it is a special combination of time, when higher power is allowed to influence on human life, especially on the fate of a single people. Besides, 2013, under the astrological coordinates - female year, granting the well-being of the female sex, and single mothers

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A foreign husband for the stars

Иностранный муж для звезды

Find noble foreign Prince still is the dream of many Russians. Among those who have already found its international happiness is and Russian stars. We remember those who live in a marriage with a foreigner happily ever after, and Russian stars, who could not save their international family

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