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Galina Yudashkin and Peter Maksakov: the successors of dynasties

Галина Юдашкина и Петр Максаков: продолжатели династий

Wedding couples has become one of the most talked-about events last year and tied several star namesGalina Yudashkin and Peter Maksakov very soon to become parents. The name of the baby was well thought – Anatoly, in honor of his grandfather, the legendary Soviet Ambassador to the United States. And it's not only the bright representative of several dynasties that were linked through marriage, Galina and Peter...Their wedding was one of the most talked about events of the past year

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It is the love that I need

Expert Maria Zemskova is about a common desire to meet your ideal partner"To be happy, you need to find a man who will love, who will be a wonderful lover and a caring father, and then to make sure that these three are not met..." The quote is not verbatim, but it was too appropriate for the title to this article. Most of us tend to dream about my man, about the second half, which is ideally complemented us. Will take on the tasks we want to solve and knowingly surrendered

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Must be a woman of mystery

Expert psychologist Nelly Davydova explains what is true happiness and how to become for my man unique and irreplaceableOn your way you will meet three categories of people: those who will change your life for the better, those who try to break you down and those who will become your life. And all these people will be your teachers, and for some of them the teacher will be you.I have to say - I do not think that successful people have to be rich and happy

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As the journey is not to quarrel with her mother and survive

I usually cite the example of dreams that suggest to our readers some "karmic", the fateful decision. All because of these dreams I get. But this time I give you an example how you can easily and without any mental anguish to analyze the dream and solve the current issue.So, the dream sent me our reader, who travels the world with his family. In those places where it settles, it organizes its work: conducts webinars, consultations and negotiations on Skype. Thus, her work moves with it

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How to make a man remember you forever?

Expert - a journalist, a psychologist, a trainer in interpersonal relations Eugene Samne - how to become irreplaceable for your loved oneThere are about ten very effective techniques to make a man not only remembered the good word, but wanted to get you back. Was in need. Here we can cite only three. All of them accurately and inevitable effect on the subconscious. This excuse, like a reflex in a dog

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7 men's needs, what every woman should know

7 мужских потребностей, о которых должна знать каждая женщина

To better understand male psychology against women, need to figure out what characteristics of the representatives of the gentle sex is valuable to menThis will help to become adored and only. Data about men's needs says a professional psychologist, author and presenter of courses on women's relations Vadim Kurkin.1. PartnerOne of the main secrets of the psychology of relationships – the ability to listen to the partner

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Why is my intimacy with my husband?

Expert Maria Dyachkova — about the primacy and integrity of partnerships between spousesIn December this is not the first dream readers about the relationship with her husband. Their common theme is the lack of intimacy, partnership. It seems that this is a sad trend. Unfortunately, we are not taught to create relationships of love. In schools teach a variety of subjects, but family life is not applicable

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How did Roman Ovechkin and Subsoi?

С чего начинался роман Овечкина и Шубской?

About the relationship of the hockey player and the daughter of Vera Glagoleva started talking in the spring of this year, however, Alexander and Anastasia, it turns out that familiar long ago...In September one of the most eligible bachelors, hockey player Alexander Ovechkin, made a proposal to his beloved, Nastasya Subsoi. For their novel, which broke out in March of this year, with bated breath watched by thousands of fans terrible AVI

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The stars are not afraid of weddings and divorces

Звезды, которых не пугают свадьбы и разводы

Last week the most discussed news was the parting actors Vladimir Vdovichenkov and Olga Fillipova, whose decade-long civil marriage was considered one of the toughest. The divorce became the fourth for Vladimir. Impressed WomanHit remembered who else from our celebrities have done this. Vladimir Vdovichenkov, Olga Filippov. photo: Lily Sherlovskaja Vladimir VdovichenkovThe first time the Vdovichenkov married at 18 years old girl, who studied in parallel with it the class

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