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Unrequited love is a strong psychological trauma

Scientists have discovered why tender feelings can cause rejection and hostilityAmerican scientists have wondered why people on the one hand waiting for a love confession from his partner, and on the other hand terribly afraid of it. To the extent that the words the feelings can cause a tantrum or aggression in humans.Representatives of the American Association of Glendon, which specializiruetsya on the study of human psychology, conducted a series of studies

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How to distinguish between unhealthy relationship from your partner and safe

Expert the psychoanalyst Alexander Gibinski about what's wrong with the strong competition and jealousy among couplesThe main marker of unhealthy relationships — if you're not cool. A feeling of discomfort, the desire to re-partner, not a passing feeling of guilt and the expectation of change suggests that something goes wrong.If you feel that you had competition, things are bad. You already don't support each other, and struggling to prove their superiority

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Divorce: how to make the right choice

Expert Maria Dyachkova — on a crossroads, on which are couples whose marriage is crumblingAktualnye the theme of modern times — divorce. All plans and sense of divorce ceases to be such a rare event: the economic, the social roles and rights of men and women are almost the same, and therefore, everything is easier and so, and others stop family and marital obligations, if each other can not agree, or it is disorder with which the family does not know how to cope

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It's some kind of mystical sign

Expert Maria Dyachkova examines the dreams of a woman who has encountered love TreblinkaThere are dreams, hints are hints, there are complex metaphors. But in this dream even labels will not be nuclease. Clean water is a mystical sign.To understand and you what his magic is, I a few words will tell about our knowidea. It's a young woman going through the divorce process. And to divorce her husband came as a result of her bold recognition in connection with another man

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Top 5 confessions in the life of a couple

The phrase "I love you" this list does not includeI respect youThat respect is the key to a healthy loving relationship, did not write, probably just lazy. However, it is important to understand that we are talking not only about this concept in a global sense. Respect not only for some achievements. The identity of the person who is next to you, consists of thousands of positive features, each of which deserves respect. The most important thing — to see, to notice them and to remember

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Sex without a relationship: should I start?

Секс без отношений: стоит ли начинать?

Expert psychologist Alain al-As, reflects the difficulties experienced by women who choose sex without commitmentThe question of whether to enter into a sexual relationship without permanent relationships and commitments are always worried about the both sexes. However, women and men approach different. So it is often such variant of communication with an object of desire for the fair sex is not working

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How to meet a man at a social event: 5 proven ways

Expert — party planner, socialite Yulia Rybakova — gives proven life and time tipsIn ancient times women almost never acquainted first with the opposite sex, they were waiting for the man himself to suit him. Nowadays, it is completely irrelevant. If you don't decide to get acquainted with you liked the man, then, believe me, it will make for you a more determined person

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How to find true love

Expert — family psychologist, sexologist, author and facilitator of psychological trainings and workshops, member of the European Association of psychotherapists Lydia Gor, — how to learn to love and be lovedHow to find the one true love, to strive for each and every one individually? One there is no single recipe. Love because it is about many things, about relationships and, oddly enough, about the relationship with yourself.Love. When the poems compose themselves

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Call a spade a spade and divorce...

Expert Maria Dyachkova — about what to do if the relationship with her husband turned into a compromiseTo reveal the metaphor of sleep for this time, talk a little about the woman who sent it. At this stage, with her husband she's talking divorce. It was important, deep process of samopoznanie and research to finally admit to myself that my relationship with my husband is a compromise. Escape from myself, from passion, from the brightness of life

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Do not become hostages of their own secrets

Expert Maria Dyachkova — destructive pattern of family lifeNot once in this column we discuss family secrets, family unconscious and the fetters that affect us within the family, most of which we are not even aware. However, through dreams and Mature reflection we can with these secrets in contact, moreover, we intuitively know about them

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