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Some women do not change: 7 points, which do not need to forget

Каким женщинам не изменяют: 7 пунктов, о которых не нужны забывать

Nelly Bagdasarov, an expert in the areas of relationship building, gives practical advice on how to keep a manDear girls, I'm not nourish illusions, telling that there is a formula (or pattern), using which, you once and for all eliminate the possibility of treachery from the opposite sex. No! This formula, unfortunately, does not exist, otherwise it would be enough to study it and to permanently close the question about cheating

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Myths and reality: the whole truth about pheromones

Мифы и реальность: вся правда о феромонах

Probably, many are wondering how to attract the opposite sex. talk about an unusual way to draw attention to themselves by their own fragranceEach person has their own individual smell. As you can see, we are distinguished not only the color of the skin and eyes. Smell specific to a certain person, it does not feel the most people. The point is that chemicals secreted by one person intended for another person with the opposite set of these compounds, called pheromones

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5 things you should not do even for the sake of the man she loved

5 вещей, которые не стоит делать даже ради любимого мужчины

Don't become his shadow — so you can lose yourselfNo. 1We all have our dreams, desires, plans. Having met the man, it is not necessary to rebuild them for him. For example, if you want to live your family, you should not settle with her mother in law. From love we are, of course, "fool", but do not make actions that are contrary to your plans.If going to Sochi, don't change it for Питерpixabay.comNo. 2A man should be strong. Solving his problems, you deprive him of that power

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10 of the most unsuitable places for sex

10 самых непригодных мест для секса

If you are bored with sex in the bed, think twice before you try to add the adrenaline to the relationship. made a selection of locations that are not designed for lovemakingTrying to diversify the intimate life, the couple sometimes go to extreme measures, not even realizing the consequences. We often see in the news information on that somewhere have arrested a couple, indulging passions right in a public place

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Common mistakes that young families make

Распространенные ошибки, которые совершают молодые семьи

Marrying for the first time, the couple faced a number of challenges, which they never thought before. tell about the main rules at the beginning of life togetherMany girls, preparing for the wedding, imagine how fabulous it can be. After all, all fairy tales the Prince and Princess marry and live happily together for the rest of his days. But real life is another

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Where real men: secrets from the representative of the stronger sex

Где прячутся настоящие мужчины: секреты от представителя сильного пола

In anticipation of the New year is doubly hard to believe in miracles. The fabulous entourage draws in the imagination and the emergence of "the", "their", "unique". About why such dreams regularly run in cold reality, reflected our sex columnist Roman GalchenkoWhere did the romance? And where are the real men and part-time gentlemen? In the women's area is now the most frequently asked questions. And in communication and in the form of a letter of wailing on the resources Dating

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Sexting: why you need it

Секстинг: зачем он нужен

Ten years ago a popular form of virtual intimacy exist solely through the telephone. With the advent of high technology, this method has become much more colorful and given new direction. studied this kind of intimacy and are willing to talk about it and youWith the advancement of technology people have more ways to show sexual interest to the selected individual. A long practiced method of sharing intimate photos, but, interestingly, not all know what it's called

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Gaslighting: how to resist the psychological violence

Газлайтинг: как противостоять психологическому насилию

There are numerous ways of manipulation in a pair or just between acquaintances. Sometimes they can lead to disastrous situations. That did not happen with you prepared a memo on the occasion of the meeting with a toxic personThe term "gaslighting" has appeared recently, but you or your friends are probably faced with this phenomenon, albeit not in the most advanced form

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How to recognize a "Mama's boy"

Как распознать «маменькиного сынка»

Entering into a relationship with a new partner, we can't always predict who it will be. Special difficulties arise with infantile men. understood, is it possible to become the main woman in their lifeIsn't often you hear your friends when discussing men suddenly mention the character of "Mama's boy"? Followed by a long discourse, whether it is necessary to enter into a relationship with this man, and if he is, as his re

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How to go to a romantic trip, without leaving the city

Leading the project "the Perfect holiday" Diana Khodakovskaya every week planning the family holiday. She told what is needed to Express vacation with husbandHotel bookingThere are plenty of hotels, boutique hotels, apartments with elegant interiors for every budget and format. There you can arrange a romantic photo shoot, especially creative if you find yourself at, or ask friends Polaroid

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