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How to understand that your relationship has no future

Как понять, что у ваших отношений нет будущего

"Do we have a chance at happiness?" — wonder women who have difficulties in relations. There are certain criteria that will help you to answer it1 criterion: he's marriedIf your lover is married, it is not necessary that his goal is a new family that he creates with you. It is possible that all he wants is a pleasant and easy experience with an attractive woman outside the house. Most often passionate male makes everything possible you to be with him

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Tips for future dads

Советы для будущих пап

Many men learn about the interesting position to its second half, starting to act strange. Especially if you do not know what to do with a pregnant woman. Psychologist Dr. Wheeler gives advice to husbands whose wives are preparing to become mothersThe first ultrasoundPsychologists strongly recommend that at least at the first ultrasound to cancel all plans and be with his wife

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Head in the clouds: how to organize the "air" wedding

Витают в облаках: как организовать «воздушную» свадьбу

Wedding flowers — a favorite pastime of brides! We offer a few ideas for decor that will fill the celebration with ease and airLove is like air! Can't see it, but constantly feel. It is, as something which cannot be touched with the hand... How to make a wedding so as to preserve the airiness and fragility of delicate sensibilities? Watch and be inspired by!Airy compositions in the ceremony area will help to highlight glass columns (the main photo)

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Is there any sex in the city

Есть ли секс в большом городе

Expert — how to regain libido and improve sex life in terms of stress and fatigueThe lifestyle of modern women gives unlimited opportunities for personal and professional development. Today, the fair sex occupies senior positions in large companies and open their own business. A business woman spend at work more time than at home, and free time is only a dream.In such a harsh mode of "work-home-work" of any person gradually fade

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Why people are embarrassed to talk on intimate topics

Почему люди стесняются говорить на интимные темы

Psychologist-sexologist, MBA Irina tells Him talks about how it happened: the sex everywhere, but many questions afraid or baffledIn the USSR, no sex. A very famous phrase. Now seems to be there, even in excess, but for most people the topic of sex is still painful. Why?In fact, our country is still not developed enough to Institute sex education. To be more precise, it is not there

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Six rules that will make your sex perfect

The main thing — to understand that it is an obstacle for an excellent intimate relationships1. The first time is fear and shyness and prejudices and complexes. But when the partners develop trust, both relaxed woman receiving a lot of positive emotions, a chance for her to receive pleasure increases.2. The lack of contact between partners and sex on the machine. It is very important to make it clear to your partner what you want

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5 rules of etiquette

5 норм этикета

Good manners are always in fashionBe considerate to the personThe ability to listen and not interrupt, even just out of politeness, will immediately call the location of your interlocutor. Do not distract, do not look around, even if you are insanely bored. If the topic you are really quite tired, move the conversation to another, more interesting you.Learn слушатьpixabay.comDo not be FrankTo talk with unfamiliar people choose neutral topics: weather, movies, sports

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Why men cheat in long-term relationships

Почему мужчины изменяют в длительных отношениях

The psychologist Roman Talanov said why you should not put a sign of equality between the random adventures of "left" and the emergence of a permanent mistressThe betrayal of a loved one is always unpleasant and in some cases simply disastrous to family relationships. The most offensive, when the husband changes, the head of the family, which lived together for many years. What makes a man change in long-term relationships?You have to understand that infidelity are different

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Lose interest when a man falls in love with me

Теряю интерес, когда мужчина влюбляется в меня

Expert psychologist Alain al-As — that the hunting instinct inherent in including beautiful ladiesWe all can not imagine life without love, but the path we each have our own. Some people are lucky and their love, they find out quickly, even at a young age. Someone finds, loses, but does not despair and believes and waits, sometimes for many years, their happiness. Someone humbly wait his only boring, so looking for it they turn into an exciting game, and fill your life

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Decrypted erotic dreams

Intimate, explicit visions of nudity, not always are the dreams of just about sex as a physical actThis time will give sleep 2 different women with comments about how erotic the content is hidden a completely different kind of information.Sleep first snovideni: "After rampant sex, which I don't remember at all, I ask the man: "let's do that I can think of!" So I want to — live the horror as he did not seem to mind, but not ready

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