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Male dreams: to search or not to search

Мужчина мечты: искать или не искать

Spring — time of love. And many women dream to meet the perfect partner. However, do not rush to believe that it exists. listened to the psychologists Alena al-AsIt is difficult to say how many girls ' lives broke the dream of the perfect man as not perfect, but worthy men were rejected because of the belief in the ideal, how much time and nerves wasted in search of the ideal. And all this from a little idea to give as hard as the idea to meet the man of dreams

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5 female phrases that can bring a man from himself

5 женских фраз, которые способны вывести из себя мужчину

Do not provoke a scandal with a partnerIncomprehensibility: "Oh, everything!"This phrase has already become a meme. And if a girl invests in her a deep sense, then her partner she infuriates its incomprehensibility. According to them, this is another way to walk away from dialogue and to provoke a scandal. While we on the contrary, make it clear that the topic is closed for discussion.Don't tell загадкамиpixabay.comComparison: "But my ex..." So better not to start a dialogue

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How to cope with jealousy

Как справиться с ревностью

This nagging feeling can bring into a frenzy, so the question arises: what to do? Psychologist and head of the club Olga Romaniv shares effective tipsWhy is there jealousyThere are people who are jealous because of the confidence that they are not good enough (pretty, smart, rich) for its partners, and each person they are willing to see the opponent. The man noticed that his girlfriend staring other men can be very confident and still be jealous

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What to do with "sofa" husband

Expert talks about the reasons and methods of changes of the situation in which de-energized the male energyDo doctors have the comic "the law of pair cases," however, is absolutely applicable in practice. Found pathology — look for a second.And in psychological practice it works differently. Client brought a problem — and then on the chain, this pulled similar cases. Not so long ago in my working field was called "divan husband," so, it's time to describe it

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How to choose the "right" man

Как выбрать «правильного» мужчину

Maria Wyss, practices harmonious life, especially for tells about the major mistakes women when dealing with the opposite sexHow to determine what you each other? My position: the most important choice in a woman's life — is the choice of men. Implementation, professionalism, their work is very important. But priority to women — family, hearth and male. Again, this does not mean that a woman should only concentrate on it

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5 rules of money etiquette

5 правил денежного этикет

How not to be in an awkward positionRule # 1It is not necessary to discuss and condemn the spending of other people, even if they seem stupid, and you act with the best of intentions. It's their choice, their money, not yours. Always talking about financial issues with care and understanding.Don't look to a stranger кошелекpixabay.comRule # 2Keep in mind the financial position of friends when planning joint activities

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Advanced age is not a hindrance for love — the story of Lyubov and Anatoly from Studio Lightfield

Human feelings are beyond age — someone meets their soul mate at an early age, someone starts a family closer to 40 — 50 years.And sometimes converge and begin to live together people who are well over 60 and even over 70 — and this once again confirms that the heart can always remain young.Lightfield recently hosted the wedding of a very unusual pair of Kiev — Lyubov and Anatoly

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The love story of Delon and Schneider: "He did it over the violence — both physical and spiritual"

История любви Делона и Шнайдер: «Он совершал над ней насилие — как физическое, так и духовное»

Romantic and tragic relationship of the couple is considered one of the greatest novels of the twentieth centuryThe love story of Romy Schneider and Alain Delon ranked among the greatest novels of the last century. About the relationship of this couple is passionate, painful, painful — wrote a lot. And that in the end had no heart, he (she died forty-four years), the accused is not someone, namely her abusive lover. Although since then the actress has had time to marry twice and divorce

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5 ways to become more attractive

5 способов стать привлекательнее

Tricks, which prompted scientistsMethod # 1Psychologists recommend to make eye contact with someone, but the teacher of the British Nottingham Trent University noticed that people in dark glasses look impressive and attractive. This accessory makes the face symmetrical, and his image is mysterious. In addition, the man with the glasses feels more confident, so it is easier to find common language with unfamiliar people.Sunglasses will make you посимпатичнееpixabay

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How to build personal life methods of Theta healing

Как построить личную жизнь методами Тета-хилинг

Margarita Lyubimova, master Reiki teacher, instructor, Theta healing and life coach. Author of programs on remote vision and healing. told how to achieve a harmonious relationshipFor a full life in the love so defined by the laws of nature and of God. To create a family and to procreate, it is important to find "his" person, over designed and build with him a harmonious relationship

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