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Looking for love online

To find a good man on a Dating site, you need to approach the design of their profile and selecting topics for conversation with candidatesDo you want between you and a cute brunette with a Dating site had an intimate relationship? Then don't talk about work too much. You need to know as a woman, not a high level professional. It is better to talk about Hobbies, art, travelling, and leave work at work.However, do not attempt to ascribe the knowledge that you do not possess

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Rules sex security

Penis — is at least as sensitive and vulnerable than the female vagina. Therefore, to be treated with cautionIf the reproductive organ of men excited, do not try to bend and twist it. This is not only unpleasant but also hazardous.Don't need the passion too much to squeeze the penis with your hands, bite or slam it with your palms. The result of this can be a loud "ow" and loss of erection.Caressing your beloved with your hands, do not try to put a speed record

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5 wedding traditions

5 свадебных традиций

And does it make sense to obsolete ritualsThe brideOnce the groom had to show their worth and ability to keep future wife. "You dowry give" sounds of the wedding procession. Well, where a flock of sheep?Nobody wants to pay for the bride real ценуpixabay.comToday this ritual looks just extort money from the groom from bridesmaids. It is clear that well, if the parents narrowed'll get a thousand or two rubles, and you give to the young

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Why does he flirt online

Почему он флиртует онлайн

You find that your partner is flirting with someone on social networks or on Dating sites? This, of course, the trouble, but first you need to understand. Expert Ekaterina Fadeeva will tell you what to do in such a situationFor starters tell yourself that flirting is not cheating, but an expression of the desire to change something in your personal life. Not necessarily that this desire will come true

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You have a first date? Don't ever do that

У тебя первое свидание? Никогда так не делай

Expert — how not to spoil a long-awaited meetingImagine that you spent a lot of time on a Dating website and finally found the person you wanted to meet. It seems that nothing can spoil this perfect day, but often we ourselves destroy the nascent relationship. Expert psychologist Ekaterina Fadeeva, tells about the main mistakes on a first date

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Alcohol in bed is not the place

In the movies drunken lovers often have very passionate sex, but everything in life can be very differentIn reality, alcohol can ruin the mood. Slightly miscalculated the dose, and you're not a young rake, and the man on whose shoulders lies the whole world sadness.Libido from libations may also be affected. Issues with arousal after drinking alcohol typical for both men and women, including may be a lack of erection in the partner and lack of lubrication of the female partner

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Erogenous zones can be unexpected

Erogenous call the places where many nerve endings. And it's not just the genital areaIf sex has become routine, sexual partners, it is time to re-explore each other's bodies, trying to find places of influence that bring pleasure and increase desire. Sometimes these areas can be quite unusual, for example, you can lose your head from caresses the delicate skin behind my knee, and it will be absolutely fine.By the way, back and inner thigh — a recognized erogenous zones

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Love without rules: the secret of family life Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness

Любовь без правил: секрет семейной жизни Хью Джекмана и Деборры-Ли Фернесс

Their relationship — a rarity for Hollywood. A couple married for 21 years, but their feelings towards each other haven't faded since the first meetingBy 1995, Deborra-Lee Furness was a very well known actress in her native Australia. It was then that she was offered the main role in the mini-series "Corelli", which has completely changed her life. 39-year-old Deborra-Lee appeared in the form of a psychologist men's colony, fell in love with one of the inmates

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5 steps on the path to happiness

5 шагов на пути к счастью

Expert — practicing psychologist of international level, author and Creator of the marathon and several courses Elena druma — how to be happy in family, without losing your own 'I"You have long dreamed about it, and there he was your Prince and future husband. He's your hero, and you want to show that he made the right choice. And here lie in wait for favorite female rake — husband to build the pedestal and make the center of the universe

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