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Surprising facts about kissing

A lot of interesting things about them can tell psychologists, historians and specialists in a particular area of science called philematologyAll the lovers in the world kiss? It turns out, no. Ten percent of the world's cultures, mostly in Asia and Africa, it is not accepted. That pass each other United in a single whole mouth? Subconscious knowledge about the health of the partner, taste, smell, touch, in the end, we feel, you want to repeat it all

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Foreigners learn to get acquainted with Russian women

It turns out that "overseas" men is a great demand for practical advice, helps to communicate with a girl from RussiaVisitors to the capital often hope in our metro as a place where they can strike up interesting acquaintances, finding friends or even life partner. Best of all, suggest the authors of the recommendations to try to meet a girl in the output when there is no rush.Perhaps someone Russians can seem gloomy and unfriendly, but this is a superficial impression is erroneous

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3 ways to make a good first sex

Make sure in advance about intimacySomething to hide, even if "who we are not the first, that we have the second", and perhaps the tenth, but we are very worried, before you go to bed with her partner in bed. And suddenly he has a very large or very small, and if sluggish? In ourselves we are not always sure. It's a shame if, in his opinion, the Nadia will be a werewolf, and at midnight turn into a log.Experiences much. will tell you how to avoid mistakes

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What is a "normal" guy and how to find it

Know what hides behind the word "normal"? It turns out — no, th-th, or rather, so much of what you have hidden beneath difficult to fit within this word. And what is normal for you, for the other — death, the expert believes master of Chinese astrology and Feng Shui Jeanne WeiSeriously think about it I was forced once seen the communication of the adult with your child

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A long-distance relationship — is it possible?

Love is not always lucky to live in the same city, but this does not mean that their feelings are doomedIn today's world there are many ways to get a guy from another city or even country. We actively communicate in social networks, go to travel, go on business trips and everywhere have the chance to meet someone who will arouse sympathy and even love.It is believed that such feelings have no prospects, as, due to the territorial remoteness, people can not become family for each other

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Who do not get married, even if you really name is

За кого не надо выходить замуж, даже если очень зовут

Expert psychologist-class with 14 years of experience, coach, presenter, sex coach, and a participant of TV programs Ekaterina Fedorova — about what men should avoidEvery girl wants to wear a white dress and say "Yes" to a man who was able to pick up the key to her heart. We close our eyes to the shortcomings of the elect in the hope that all this — stuff, when we love. A few years on the questions psychology can answer: "Young was stupid"

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Looking for love online

To find a good man on a Dating site, you need to approach the design of their profile and selecting topics for conversation with candidatesDo you want between you and a cute brunette with a Dating site had an intimate relationship? Then don't talk about work too much. You need to know as a woman, not a high level professional. It is better to talk about Hobbies, art, travelling, and leave work at work.However, do not attempt to ascribe the knowledge that you do not possess

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Rules sex security

Penis — is at least as sensitive and vulnerable than the female vagina. Therefore, to be treated with cautionIf the reproductive organ of men excited, do not try to bend and twist it. This is not only unpleasant but also hazardous.Don't need the passion too much to squeeze the penis with your hands, bite or slam it with your palms. The result of this can be a loud "ow" and loss of erection.Caressing your beloved with your hands, do not try to put a speed record

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5 wedding traditions

5 свадебных традиций

And does it make sense to obsolete ritualsThe brideOnce the groom had to show their worth and ability to keep future wife. "You dowry give" sounds of the wedding procession. Well, where a flock of sheep?Nobody wants to pay for the bride real ценуpixabay.comToday this ritual looks just extort money from the groom from bridesmaids. It is clear that well, if the parents narrowed'll get a thousand or two rubles, and you give to the young

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Why does he flirt online

Почему он флиртует онлайн

You find that your partner is flirting with someone on social networks or on Dating sites? This, of course, the trouble, but first you need to understand. Expert Ekaterina Fadeeva will tell you what to do in such a situationFor starters tell yourself that flirting is not cheating, but an expression of the desire to change something in your personal life. Not necessarily that this desire will come true

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