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Sex myths about which is better to forget

Секс-мифы, про которые лучше забыть

Expert, sexologist Olga stern — about marriages without sex and inciting a faded passionThe topic of sex is still surrounded by myths that we're going to dispel.Sex toys prefer perverts?Not at all. Love them and humble girl, and a pair of experimenters, and eager to razgorodit the proximity of people. Sex toys can be called a huge technological achievement and a great helper in sex life. Moreover, now you can easily pick up a toy on the level of their emancipation

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As a young girl to choose a suitable life goal

Как молодой девушке выбрать подходящую жизненную цель

Female trainer-psychologist, the expert in online Dating, family relationships, and fulfillment Veronica Romanov gives advice on how not to scatter his talents in this big world and find a true pathProbably, everyone in their lives have often asked themselves about their own goals. Why do I live? What I want to do in the time allotted me in this world? And girls, women to choose the target is still harder than men

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5 mistakes on a first date

5 ошибок на первом свидании

No wonder they say: the older we get, the more Dating remind of the interview. Clinical psychologist Marianne Abravitova know how to get through them with glitterDress up, but not veryAccording to the majority of women attending "speed Dating", the appearance of men at such meetings leaves much to be desired: a noticeable lack of taste, indifference to yourself, untidiness. For all that any woman sees her disinterest in the relationship

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Divorce and mother's maiden name: how not to go broke at parting

Развод и девичья фамилия: как не разориться при расставании

How shares are not only jointly acquired property, but also debts of the spouses upon dissolution of the marriage, WomanHit told the lawyer and the lawyer Irina ZuyUnder the law, when divorce section is subject not only to General and community property, but the total debts. If you follow the article 39 of the Family code, the joint debts accumulated by the spouses during the marriage relationship, shall be distributed between them in proportion to the shares awarded in the common property

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Wedding photos: 10 important tips to look stunning on them

Свадебные фото: 10 важных советов, как выглядеть на них сногсшибательно collected recommendations of the best photographers that will help you to thumb through your wedding album, without negative emotionsWedding album — that rare thing over which no power of progress. Agree, it is strange to pass on a legacy to grandchildren soulless flash drive with photos. The album needs to be really heavy, bound in leather, with special smell, and the photos themselves — such as to grandchildren understand "Their grandmother — stunning beauty"

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Your perfect wedding: how to organize

Ваша идеальная свадьба: как правильно организовать

Popular showman, the sailor, the hottest media market leading corporate and private events, permanent host corporate events of the largest companies and brands in the world, Vadim Zhdanov told about the main wedding trends this seasonWedding planning is a fascinating and very exciting process

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How to live with a creative person

Как с ужиться с творческим человеком

Today, beloved, sweet, caring, happy, and tomorrow sweeps away everything in its path — the usual story for a creative personality. Writer Oleg Roy shares his tips on how not to go crazy with such a manHe is not what he seemsIt only seems that famous people life charge — 220 cases a day that they will never get bored. Nothing of the sort. Usually in life, people who love peace, even if during operation around them lightning

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How to find a husband after forty

Как найти мужа после сорока

Many women are afraid of fire as a forty-year barrier. And single ladies at this age and do believe that happiness in your personal life — it's not about them. How to break this stereotype, said the psychologist, expert in relationships Yaroslav SamoylovThe film Eldar Ryazanov "Office romance" we remember by heart and laugh at his characters. But Comedy about a female workaholic living in his own little world, — in fact, with a tragic subtext

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"Stepanenko tries to avenge Petrosyan for their suffering"

«Степаненко пытается отомстить Петросяну за свои страдания»

Psychologist Sergei lang specifically for analyzes the relationship of the divorcing comedians"If we analyze the relationship Petrosyan and Stepanenko from the point of view of psychology, it makes sense. Model behaviour Helena G. says that she is a woman scorned and insulted. She is trying to avenge Yevgeny Vaganovich for their suffering and, of course, here it becomes clear that such emotions can cause women treason, not just treason, but a public affair

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5 unequal marriages of Hollywood stars

5 неравных браков звезд Голливуда

Who chose a husband of Julianne Moore, Cindy Crawford, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Alba and Reese WitherspoonJulianne Moore Julianne Moore and Bart Freundlich met on the set. However, despite the General profession, it was against their Union. She was already a famous actress and he an aspiring filmmaker who shot his first film "Shadows of the past", where the star agreed to play a major role. In addition, Moore was 9 years older than her lover, and they both had a rule: "no office relationships"

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