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New ideal — man "with a tummy"

The world is discussing the topic: it turns out that the best husbands are the owners received a bodyThat's the truth or fallacy? Both that, and another, and a third. Woman's instinct tells us unmistakably that the man with the so-called "daddy's body" will be much better than smart and handsome, to ensure that we value so much in family life, reliability and comfort. Next to him you can relax, no sense to "stretch and fit"

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Second attempt: how to begin to survive a divorce and start a new relationship

Вторая попытка: как начать пережить развод и начать новые отношения

Psychologist and life coach Elena Starostina shares with universal recommendations"Historically you had to go through a divorce. What is important in this situation? Perhaps to make the mistakes to understand that in your previous relationships went wrong once. Often lots of unresolved first marriage problems partner drags in the second, and everything feels much sharper

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Your boyfriend talks about you too much

What to do if it turns out that his friends know details of your intimate lifeThe first thing is not to panic. Yes, the situation is unpleasant, we have to decide, not whether to break up with him. Talkativeness that you like so much in it, turned around backwards, undermined confidence. Feel uncomfortable among his friends, it seems that everything I see in you available girl. But it's not, and you need to treat the situation calmly

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How to teach your man to experiment in sex

If he wants to see you as "prude" in bed, to change it graduallySome man believe that the companion must not indulge in any sexual fantasies, not to mention the interest in the range of a sex shop. 75% of them do not bother to test new poses, but just in a hurry to settle and sleep. But if you want diversity, it makes sense to become proactive in sex.Partner unbeknownst to him"corrupt" and "re-educate" delicate techniques. Tell him your desires, but he believed that it was his idea

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How to conquer a man's heart

It is believed that it is a real challenge nowadays. Maybe we just don't know what kind of companion they would like to see?Take care of self-esteem, this is important! Be weak, so he can be your protector. Consult him, ask him to do something that he is good at, and you — well does not work. And of course, praise him, show me how you appreciate it.The sense of freedom is another important value of the stronger sex. Many of them are subconsciously afraid to tie the knot forever

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How to avoid becoming a victim of a domestic tyrant

Как не стать жертвой домашнего тирана

Today the attitude of society to domestic violence against women is completely different than several generations ago. Saying "Beats — means loves" is irrelevant, and sounds like a mockery. But what if you were suddenly the victim?Alas, the facts of beating and humiliation in families, wives and mothers still occur frequently

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Surprising facts about kissing

A lot of interesting things about them can tell psychologists, historians and specialists in a particular area of science called philematologyAll the lovers in the world kiss? It turns out, no. Ten percent of the world's cultures, mostly in Asia and Africa, it is not accepted. That pass each other United in a single whole mouth? Subconscious knowledge about the health of the partner, taste, smell, touch, in the end, we feel, you want to repeat it all

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Foreigners learn to get acquainted with Russian women

It turns out that "overseas" men is a great demand for practical advice, helps to communicate with a girl from RussiaVisitors to the capital often hope in our metro as a place where they can strike up interesting acquaintances, finding friends or even life partner. Best of all, suggest the authors of the recommendations to try to meet a girl in the output when there is no rush.Perhaps someone Russians can seem gloomy and unfriendly, but this is a superficial impression is erroneous

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3 ways to make a good first sex

Make sure in advance about intimacySomething to hide, even if "who we are not the first, that we have the second", and perhaps the tenth, but we are very worried, before you go to bed with her partner in bed. And suddenly he has a very large or very small, and if sluggish? In ourselves we are not always sure. It's a shame if, in his opinion, the Nadia will be a werewolf, and at midnight turn into a log.Experiences much. will tell you how to avoid mistakes

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What is a "normal" guy and how to find it

Know what hides behind the word "normal"? It turns out — no, th-th, or rather, so much of what you have hidden beneath difficult to fit within this word. And what is normal for you, for the other — death, the expert believes master of Chinese astrology and Feng Shui Jeanne WeiSeriously think about it I was forced once seen the communication of the adult with your child

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