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What is love and how it can be saved

Из чего состоит любовь и как ее можно спасти

The author of the cult show-training "I'm actually smart, but live like a fool", a popular TV presenter and one of the most famous coaches in personal growth Paul Rakov his new work "Book number 1 #narodu" provides answers to these questions. Exclusive — excerpt from the bookAbout love written very much. It is described by great and successful people, philosophers, and bards. And suddenly I come and say, "yeah, sure. Love is so-and-so, and in order to get it, need to do so-and-so"

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Causes of sexual cooling in marriage

Sexual attraction may be weakened not only because of the husband's mistressAlmost every pair after five to ten years of marriage, experiencing lower levels of passion in bed, but also notes that the sex scenes began to happen less and less. But the truth is, it is not the duration of the relationship. Sex is rare and not particularly high quality is not for that reason.Enemy number one is a computer, phone and other gadgets

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Conduct sexual rejuvenation

It turns out that intimate relationships have a huge impact on the pace of agingScientists from the U.S. found that women in their 30s who are not experiencing a lack of sex, look for 5-7 years younger peers. And there are several explanations.First, sex is a good physical exercise. It activates blood circulation, improves the supply of tissues with oxygen and nutrients, helps to reduce body fat and make muscle tone

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The advantages of free relations

Often women strive at all costs to obtain the status of a lawful wife, but is it really necessary?Tradition to a large extent explain our actions. We get married and have kids sometimes just because "as necessary" and "it's time", and then complain about broken us life and wonder what could have developed life would be if we went down the aisle. It turns out that it would be a lot of pluses. So, if you're married, read this text and then decide what is important for you

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This man does not alter

Attempts to change the partner may not always succeedEntering into a new relationship, we are always a bit of a change. In the lapping process we strive to learn to coexist without regular scandals and misunderstandings. Often, we even refuse favorite annoying habits, for example, accustom yourself to close the tube of toothpaste.Men, of course, also try. For many women reduce the frequency of meetings with friends and even changing Cologne if he didn't like the second half

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Size matters

Размер имеет значение

5 reasons to keep it secret from friendsYes, we speak of the sexual dignity of your men. Girlfriend often discuss among themselves successes and failures of intimate life. Well, who else to talk to? Not everyone can afford a consultation with a psychologist or sexologist. And it's not just about money, but in the complexes. With friends, we become open and able with a glass of wine to discuss any topic.Discuss, tell, share on health. But WomanHit

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Good men and their habitats

If you still haven't found love, then you weren't lookingOur love of gadgets has a bad effect on personal life. Instead of having to searchman in the real world, we often go in search of virtual reality, and often fail: the Cavaliers are not those who were.Much better to look for a partner where often men are the type you need. Want athlete with muscular body? Buy a gym membership and do not hesitate to start there new friends

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5 rules of family sex

5 правил семейного секса tells how spouses to rekindle the flames of passionHot nights in the arms of a passionate lover turned into a sad marriage sex once a week? Well, if it's any consolation, in such a situation a few years of marriage are a woman. And, characteristically, are to blame. The situation can be corrected, follow the tips and your bedroom will again ignite the flames of passion.Training should be регулярнымиpixabay.comRule # 1Sex should be regular

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5 ways to cope with jealousy

5 способов справиться с ревностью

Expert — parapsychologist, psychologist, specialist on health Sergei lang — sure: nothing is worse for a relationship than the treason charges, which was notJealousy can kill the strongest love. Jealousy is a feeling that destroys your nervous system and energy. Unfortunately, for many people love is parallel with jealousy. But in fact, the love runs parallel with trust. Jealous, you can't just love and trust your partner

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The guitar is a tool for discovering

Girls prefer musiciansSocial scientists conducted an experiment to find out what kind of men women find more attractive. They asked for a volunteer and sent him outside to meet girls.When the guy approached with empty hands and spoke with the ladies, only 14% gave him my phone number. Even fewer contacts, he gathered, when met having a bag in the hands of just 9%. But the guitar case has brought the subject much more success. 31% of the fairer sex decided to continue communication with him

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