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5 qualities that he doesn't like

5 качеств, которые ему не нравятся

Obvious for men the facts that women don't notice"Men are from Mars, women are from Venus", "They are aliens, they even pee standing up", "Us each other will never understand", "They think the other half of the brain" — the truth about gender differences are known to all. And, with all the banality, men and women really are different creatures. What seems to us a pretty little thing, can terrify our partner, and the female tragedy in his eyes is not worth attention

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Secrets to happy relationship

If you feel that the relationship became a routine, use our tips to regain their former closenessAfter marriage, couples rarely go out. And that's a fact. Although a couple of times a month to go out to a cafe or the movies would be helpful. You would get new experiences, to get away from everyday worries and remember what it's like to direct beauty before meeting with her lover.Besides, the new movie is a great occasion for discussion about the family budget or how to raise children

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Wedding planner: the most unusual ceremony

Свадебный переполох: самые необычные церемонии

Summer is a traditional time for weddings. And of course, every couple dreams to be the most unique. found a few addresses where Russian newlyweds have not had time to goFirst you need to know that not every exotic wedding show is equivalent to an official marriage. If you dream of a wedding in Bali or Hawaii, you have to accept the fact that such spectacular ceremonies are conducted only for "married men". That is, first you have to register the marriage at home, in Russia

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Mission: survive the separation

If you recently broke off a relationship with a man, be patient with yourselfWe all want to be like the on-screen images of successful and confident women who can survive a divorce, not saying no tears, only adding to its beauty. But in reality it is not always the case. Even the gap is not institutionalized relations can completely unsettle.If you, like most, cannot maintain peace of mind during and after the breakup, don't blame yourself for it. To worry and it's okay to cry

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Nicole Kidman has revealed the secret of family happiness

Николь Кидман раскрыла секрет семейного счастья

The actress has already 11 years married to Keith urban. remembered, was created as one of the most beautiful star couplesNicole Kidman celebrated the 50th anniversary. And on Sunday the eleventh anniversary of her marriage to Keith urban. This non-round date is almost more important for Actresses than half a century jubilee. Because first Hollywood diva puts his career and personal achievements, and family

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I free: simple rules how to find your soulmate

Я свободна: простые правила, как найти свою вторую половинку

Expert — parapsychologist, psychologist, specialist on health Sergei lang, — tells why a woman cannot call himself a lonelyA lot of women consider themselves lonely. They simply believe that life will be one. In fact, they themselves put an end to his personal life. If you live with the statement that no one needs you, the way it is!Just want to emphasize that you should not call yourself alone. You are free and not alone

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What is love and how it can be saved

Из чего состоит любовь и как ее можно спасти

The author of the cult show-training "I'm actually smart, but live like a fool", a popular TV presenter and one of the most famous coaches in personal growth Paul Rakov his new work "Book number 1 #narodu" provides answers to these questions. Exclusive — excerpt from the bookAbout love written very much. It is described by great and successful people, philosophers, and bards. And suddenly I come and say, "yeah, sure. Love is so-and-so, and in order to get it, need to do so-and-so"

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Causes of sexual cooling in marriage

Sexual attraction may be weakened not only because of the husband's mistressAlmost every pair after five to ten years of marriage, experiencing lower levels of passion in bed, but also notes that the sex scenes began to happen less and less. But the truth is, it is not the duration of the relationship. Sex is rare and not particularly high quality is not for that reason.Enemy number one is a computer, phone and other gadgets

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Conduct sexual rejuvenation

It turns out that intimate relationships have a huge impact on the pace of agingScientists from the U.S. found that women in their 30s who are not experiencing a lack of sex, look for 5-7 years younger peers. And there are several explanations.First, sex is a good physical exercise. It activates blood circulation, improves the supply of tissues with oxygen and nutrients, helps to reduce body fat and make muscle tone

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The advantages of free relations

Often women strive at all costs to obtain the status of a lawful wife, but is it really necessary?Tradition to a large extent explain our actions. We get married and have kids sometimes just because "as necessary" and "it's time", and then complain about broken us life and wonder what could have developed life would be if we went down the aisle. It turns out that it would be a lot of pluses. So, if you're married, read this text and then decide what is important for you

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