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Why doesn't he want to marry

6 main reasons why your man has not yet offered his hand and heartYou've been together for a very long time, but your young man doesn't even talk about going to the registry office. This leads to resentment, quarrels and misunderstanding. But do not despair, there may be several reasons. For starters, let's face it.She is guilty. Many women in the early stages of a relationship are throwing the ill-advised phrase: "marry you? Never!". Men notice these things

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How to avoid pain after sex?

A few tips to eliminate the pain after intimacySex does not always bring us only pleasant sensations. Sometimes intimacy may be accompanied by discomfort, burning and even pain. Pain may be during or after sexual intercourse.There are several causes of painful spasms.Semen is composed of prostaglandins, causing uterine contractions. But this has an effect only during unprotected sex.Discomfort causes mechanical stimulation of the cervix, especially if there is erosion

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6 signs of a good lover

Some tips on how to recognize at the first meeting the man who will surprise you in bedDo not brag of your achievements. A good lover must be confident. Such a man will not be on all sides to tell about the achievements and exploits. He prefers to prove their case.Has a good appetite. This is a fairly important point. If a young person with respect and appetite refers to the repast, and in bed he is a worthy lover.Shows attention. Body language speaks volumes

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How not to fall into the pool with his head

Как не упасть в омут с головой

A few simple tips on how to stay in a long-term relationshipOver time, the second half is for women becomes the center of the Universe. And in order that you are not perceived only through the prism of relations, it is necessary to remain an independent person.You're the one he loved. Over time favorite person fills all your thoughts, and you completely surrender to his interests. But that does not mean you have to forget about your own life and lose myself

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Scary beautiful: why attractive girls often stay alone

Страшно красивая: почему привлекательные девушки часто остаются в одиночестве

Expert psychologist Alain al-As — that are often "gray mouse" are more successful in their personal lifeBeautiful girls attract attention. They always become the object of interest — and not only from men but also from representatives of their gender. Beautiful girl surrounded by a halo, which arose largely due to the stereotypes that are often incorrect. Beautiful is considered to be unavailable, happy (at least in love), often frivolous and even silly

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How's the lover sent "retired"

Как дела у любовника, отправленного «в отставку»

Expert — that infidelity, as paradoxical as it may sound, committed to strengthen families, not destroyMany women I know from experience, often bitter, what it's like to be the mistress of a married man. And if, as now written on the Internet, "to remove the white coat", that is, to set aside the lecture, it is possible to detect the psychological process behind joining the "triangular" relationship

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What scares men before the wedding

Что пугает мужчин перед свадьбой

If the bride's wedding day is the happiest in life, then the groom it is associated with continuous experiences. What? Let's dealWedding soon! Who hasn't felt nervous before such a solemn occasion? After all this time and for life, and I want it to be perfect. However, as it turned out, the groom is worried, not less, and maybe more for the bride. So what's his issue?I'm getting married

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Can we be happy in an unequal marriage

Возможно ли счастье в неравном браке

Expert psychologist Anna Iotko — like: marriage to a man much younger or older, you cannot expect that he will abandon his lifestyle and circle of friends in favor of yourUnequal marriages have always met the disapproval of society: thought that was such marriages are not for love, but of convenience. But even if the cause of the misalignment was love, both lovers had become outcasts in their community

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Office romance: pros and cons

Служебный роман: за и против

Ph. D. Marianne Abravitova conducts an educational program on the relationship, which is beyond the scope of the labour codeOffice romances is easily explained. When people of different sex are in one area, like it or not, will have any pulses, even at the chemical level. Unconsciously or consciously we are all looking for a sexual partner, even if it is their legitimate and seven of the shops. Man is so constituted.Romance in the workplace can be based on different scenarios

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About what do not speak with men

О чем не говорят с мужчинами

Communication between men and women resembles a minefield. How to pass it without jeopardizing the relationship? Psychologist Alina Deliss made for map for men pain points that are better not to touch when communicatingNot tittle-tattlesOf course, men also gossip, but they do it usually in the company of men. And choose relevant topics. Therefore, do not discuss with a man woman thing. For this is a friend.No word on cosmeticsLet's keep your women secret

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