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How to teach favorite sex?

Men usually do not recognize their limitations in intimate matters and satisfied with their skills. But women are increasingly cited as the cause of the break ineptitude of sexual partner.

Как научить любимого сексу?

How to teach favorite sex? Photo: Fotolia/

Recent studies contradict the well-known stereotype that men are more proficient in intimacy than the fair sex. Thus, women are 4 times more often is cited as the reason for the break in relations problems in sexual life by her ex-husband, than such problems with his стороны1. Meanwhile, men usually do not recognize their limitations in intimate matters and satisfied with their skills. As a woman with no sacrifice or his own pleasure, nor relationships with a beloved man?

«Unfortunately, the man will not learn and use their «extra» efforts, if he is accustomed for years to make love on a particular subject, and satisfied with. He does not understand, why change it, if everything is so good. If a man realizes that a change in him are needed, it is cause him trouble, and it should not be compatible with thoughts about sex. Women's wisdom is that a man should not understand that it was an attempt to change or to teach,» says sex coacher, founder of the «Training centre СЕКС.РФ» Ekaterina Lyubimova.
The expert advises women to be patient, not to submit to the partner inflated expectations that can lead to resentment, and the main thing - not to admit sharp changes and everything new gradually bring. Afraid to hurt the partner, women often do not show that they really like and what is not, therefore, a man can't guess, when he makes his beloved nice, and when he should change tactics. But this is the most important! Therefore, the primary task of women is to convey to the man that she really pleasure, without hurting his pride.
«How often we, women, try to ignore the fact that our beloved's not perfect in bed. It is not part of such a «trifle» and not go for adultery if the beloved one, you can teach sex, commented Ekaterina Lyubimova.


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