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Vaginal sex: what else impress a man?

Читательницу WomanHit are interested in how to win back the interest boyfriend to traditional kind of intimacy. Our expert shares his advice.

Вагинальный секс: чем еще удивить мужчину?

Than impress a man in bed? Photo: Fotolia/

Вагинальный секс: чем еще удивить мужчину?

«Good day! My boyfriend always insists on alternative ways of lovemaking - anal sex oral. Traditional vaginal sex already gives him no throbbing sensations that were in the beginning of the relationship. But honestly, I'm not an active supporter other forms of intimacy. Prompt whether to bring the interest of the partner to achieve vaginal sex? Lyudmila, 27 years.»

Dear Ludmila! Indeed, many couples face the fact that classic scenario when doing vaginal sex lead to purely technical performance of «marital duty». Yes, you certainly get the feeling, but expect something new is not necessary. This is why the partners begin to look for fresh experiences, trying to diversify its relations oral or anal sex, intimate toys etc.

Such diversity is certainly useful to maintain passion, but there are many ways to surprise partner, mastering the art of vaginal sex, giving your man the unforgettable experience, which he will want again and again. There are a lot of techniques that allow, for example, to recreate the effect of oral caresses your vagina: the effect of three whirlpools, vacuum tight virgin login and many others. In addition, you should not restrict yourself in the movements. Indeed, in addition to the familiar «up-and-down, back-forward» there are more than 15 types of female frictions, giving twisting, moving, pushing sensation of the penis men. Fortunately, now there is an opportunity not only to collect General information on the Internet, and obtain professional advice in the special training.

At the same time, remember that the sex is not everything. Just like women, men are very sensitive to the affection of erogenous zones. To please her man even more pleasure, use secret potential erogenous points, which, incidentally, is about 30 major and more than a dozen additional. But don't try to «Wake up» all the points at once. Explore them step by step, turning affection into an adventure.

I want to share a little trick that will help you hold on a favorite. To do this, with the tenderness and affection encode partner, doing the same thing over and over several days. Let me explain. For example, before and after passionate sex with light circular movements within 2 minutes stroke his stomach. Repeat the «procedure» within two weeks, and it is better to 21 days (this is the time habits are formed). This does not only give you a pleasant feeling to your partner, but will deliver a» secret «code lock» to him. The secret is that without the usual stroking partner subconsciously won't sense of intimacy so full range of feelings (excitement, satisfaction), and known only to you and no other woman.

In addition, the encoding can be used for the initiation of a partner from one of your «secret» touch. For example, every time his orgasm spend the back of his hand between his buttocks light wavy movements. In the future, when you are alone with him and want to indicate partner of intimacy, just touch the same way to his buttocks with his hand.

However, remember that it is important not to overdo it with «coding», surely you need not «programmed» lover, and ready to sudden romantic acts and manifestations of tenderness man.

Ekaterina Lyubimov, a leading Russian sex coacher, founder of the international network «Training centre СЕКС.РФ»


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