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The difference in age is not a hindrance to happiness?

Reader WomanHit worried that the beginning of the relationship with a man younger than himself. Whether the difference in age to become a serious impediment to sexual relations pair? About it tell our expert.

Разница в возрасте - не помеха счастью?

Whether the difference in age become an obstacle to relations? Photo: Fotolia/

Разница в возрасте - не помеха счастью?

«Good day! Recently I met with a young man who was younger than me 8 years. We meet for a few months and things are going fine. However, I am plagued by doubts, how such a Union can be strong - it will not be any future problems with understanding and intimate relationship? Please give me some advice on whether to count on a happy marriage?» Elizabeth, 34 years.

Dear Elizabeth, A relationship in which the woman older men are not uncommon. Any successful pair, regardless of the age of partner, you must have метацели - understanding, was the purpose of creating the Union that he gives to each of the partners. If you realize the meaning of their partnership in unity and complementarity, age is not so important. The main thing is to feel half of another person, but not dissolved completely in it and complementing it. The best way to show a man that you care for them, is a sincere interest in what he loves doing. For example, if your partner likes sport, try to join him. Let the man you teach, let him feel your strength and masculinity. But it is important to understand that the exchange should be equivalent to, so if the partner has no interest in your business, then this is a reason to think.

It is worth mentioning the difficulties in the intimate sphere faced by couples with an age difference. It is important to determine the source of the problem. If a woman lacks, for example, the technicalities of sex, and she worries about how it will meet a younger partner, then all the necessary skills and knowledge easily наверстываются on special sex trainings. If over time classic sex ceases to bring a pair of old bright emotions it without problems are solved by the introduction of novelty and variety of intimate life: new types of proximity, fresh sexual techniques, role images, intimate toys. If you are not yet ready for such experiments, then try first surprise partner tone of their vaginal muscles - «inflate» their own with the help of vaginal globules or circuit simulators, or sign up for classes on art vaginal sex.

If a problem is that young partner is not «up» to your sexual experience, using the small woman tricks, you can «teach» a man have sex and not hurt his feelings.

Another thing, when difficulties in the intimate life arise because of serious differences in pairs or deep psychological complexes, correction which is more complicated. Here it is important to realize and accept the problem, and then begin to work with it. If both partners can find a solution yourself, then it is only a stronger strengthen their Union. If the same without outside help is necessary, it should not be treated with anguish, it is better to spend time and get rid of the problem of the psychologist, sexologist, than pull through life chain complexes.

There is no universal Council, than be guided in relations couples with an age difference. But we should say that any couple needs constant evolution. Partners should improve each day. The rule is to be guided only by his feelings, here orientation on third-party opinion may seriously impede, after all, what suits one, absolutely not applicable to the other. And really happy unions arise outside, including age.

Ekaterina Lyubimov, a leading Russian sex coacher, founder of the international network «Training centre СЕКС.РФ»


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