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Lack of experience is not a sin?

Reader WomanHit interested in whether a difference in sexual experience, cause contention in the pair, and how to avoid it? Their advice is divided our expert.  

Отсутствие опыта - не порок?

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Отсутствие опыта - не порок?

"My young man less experienced in sex than I. I am afraid that this may become a problem in our relations. How not to develop his jealousy?" Irina, 26 years old.

Dear Irina! First of all, shouldn't sexual inexperience your partner and jealousy. Moreover, if you have not given him for this reasons, comparing intimate «achievements» of the loved one with previous partners. You just need to be delicate with his beloved, let him know that even if he is less experienced in this matter - it does not matter. The pair for is to develop and complement each other.
You are more experienced than he? This even has its advantages - you have a chance to get the perfect partner. You don't have to spend their efforts to wean lover years stereotypes intimate behavior. You can send it, teach sex without fear of categorical resistance on his part.
In addition, sex can be so diverse, that, most likely, and you can still impress. Try with your young man discover new facets of intimate relations. For example, you can attend training on the art of Thai sex or learn new techniques oral sex. Thus you show beloved, that you too have much to learn. This will allow him to feel more confident and comfortable.
It is important to remember that the truly wise woman would not have her man always felt that his attempt to teach. The approach to the «process» is necessary cautiously, with patience, not touching masculine pride and pride. Acting gently and carefully, you «make» from a male lover of your dreams, and your partner will feel a real macho man.

Ekaterina Lyubimov, a leading Russian sex coacher, founder of the international network «Training centre СЕКС.РФ»


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