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How to overcome shyness in sex?

Reader WomanHit worried that he could not be relaxed in bed with her lover. Your tips on how to cope with shyness, to share our expert.

Как преодолеть стеснение в сексе?

How to overcome shyness in sex? Photo: Fotolia/

"Not so long ago I started to live a sexual life and alone with a young man feel insecure. I'm shy and himself. Because of this, we even restrict ourselves to the caresses. Can I overcome this?" Victoria, 20 years.
Dear Victoria! Tightness in bed - a fairly common problem, and not only inexperienced sex young men and girls. Restraint in relations largely due to the fact that our country is not accepted to talk about sex, even alone, because this theme is considered indecent. But we should not be shy endlessly, and no reason. Start with your partner to learn each other, to get used to. For example, ask the favorite to take a bath together. Do not forget about self - study his body, inspire erogenous zones. If you feel that you lack the knowledge and techniques» for sex, visit the special trainings, where you will learn tricks of intimate relations.
Be sure to talk to your partner about sex, about which affection to each of you most welcome to share their sexual fantasies. If you are afraid that a man may misinterpret your suggestions, consider too bad, ask him to watch erotic film. It will take «responsibility» for the proposed experiment and will help to recharge ideas.
During lovemaking try to relax and disconnect all extraneous thoughts, focus on the sensations. Of course, to overcome his timidity in one moment't work, so try to use the time efficiently. Shyness can be a great stimulant for sex. The more you allow yourself to feel shame for their actions, the better! Because it will increase your excitement and exacerbate feelings and emotions.

Ekaterina Lyubimov, a leading Russian sex coacher, founder of the international network «Training centre СЕКС.РФ»



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