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Invented bra, расстегивающийся of applause

American Randy Сэрэфен launched the original model bra called Clap-Off Bra. This bust unbuttoned from the sound of applause.

Изобретен лифчик, расстегивающийся от аплодисментов

American invented the bra, which unbuttoned of applause. Photo: Fotolia/

In the Arab world are becoming increasingly popular underwear with electronic devices. Currently, there are so-called «musical panties»and «bra with remote control. To undo the last, simply click on the remote button.
However, the most ambiguous invention in the sphere of advanced underwear made American. Randy Сэрэфен launched a bra Clap-Off Bra, which unbuttoned from the sound of applause, Rosbalt writes. On what a potential buyer is designed novelty is unknown however, the demand for this invention is small.
The publication notes that the invention was given Сэрэфену hard: many experimental designs, lit.


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