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Holiday romance: safety rules

Курортный роман: правила безопасности

On long journeys us lie in wait for a variety of temptations. Sometimes I want to try by heart» not only delights of the local cuisine, but also love aborigines. Of course, in the exotic love has its own charm. But the main thing is that he had to suddenly pay unpleasant «tax» - in the form of not less exotic diseases and other health hazards. Our correspondent gathered useful tips for women (men too, can convey!) - as enjoy a romantic adventure and remain safe and sound, and healthy

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Stars, obsessed with sex

Звезды, одержимые сексом

According to a new biography of the soloist of The Rolling Stones, he knows a lot about sexual satisfaction, as in his bed was visited by more than 4000 partners. We found out who we slept musician, as well as remembering the other intemperate in the issue of sex celebrities

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Why men are attracted to women in uniform?

Почему мужчины неравнодушны к женщинам в униформе?

And if the ladies of the tax police and police just can cause various feelings, flight attendants in this hierarchy are at the very top. Onboard girls with their refined manners and smiles, become even more dazzling than the height

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Named products that kill love

Названы продукты, убивающие любовь

If you wish yourself to be happy, you should know about the components of love cuisine. Because some products harm либодо, others, on the contrary, «spurring» sexy resources of the organism

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Sex in new year's night: unusual scenarios

Секс в новогоднюю ночь: необычные сценарии

In anticipation of the New year for the majority of women becomes more urgent question: how to surprise your loved one? That he give what he has not, and never was? If the traditional holiday script you are tired, and requests the soul of romance, you should try something new and unusual

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