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A foreign husband for the stars

Иностранный муж для звезды

Find noble foreign Prince still is the dream of many Russians. Among those who have already found its international happiness is and Russian stars. We remember those who live in a marriage with a foreigner happily ever after, and Russian stars, who could not save their international family

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Alexey Petrukhin and Anna Churina - surprisingly harmonious pair

Алексей Петрухин и Анна Чурина – удивительно гармоничная пара

We continue to test the star couple. This time the trial was held Alexey Petrukhin and Anna Churina. Family psychologist, analysis of the responses of the spouses, says that such alliances stay a long time, and relationships over the years become stronger. Alexey Petrukhin and Anna Churina. Photo: Alexey Petrukhin Anna Churina Your first meeting? On the set of the film "Male season. Velvet revolution"

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Sergey Varchuk: «Immediately gave the impression that this woman's hanky-panky will not work anymore»

Сергей Варчук: «Сразу сложилось впечатление, что с этой женщиной шуры-муры не прокатят»

After the premiere of the picture «Never can say goodbye, where the actor played the main role, he instantly became a sex symbol of the Soviet Union. Even a magazine «Soviet screen» called him the most handsome actor country. Naturally, a whole army of fans wrote him letters with declarations of love and wanted to see his partner in life is exactly the same - a charming and charismatic. And all wondered how was the fate of this artist..

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