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And you thought, how many people in your bed?

The researchers decided that the present is not a partner, and someone else during sex, is this normalImagine that you're in love with johnny Depp, not with her husband norm. The important thing in a name is not to be mistaken.Scientists one British company interviewed 100 respondents and got amazing results. It turns out almost half of men and women during sex fantasizing about another person

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How to get rid of loneliness in 21 days

Как избавиться от одиночества за 21 день

Coach relations Leo Vozhevatov shares the secrets of attracting women's happinessA reputable expert in male psychology, Executive coach relationship Leo Vozhevatov in his new book, "BDSM: goddess for his men. To find, to attract, to charm" gives important advice to women how to think and act in new ways, achieving happiness smart, elegant and effective way.The strategy of "attracted — pushed". This is the most important strategy for any woman

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"Chained": the secrets of happiness the most solid star couples

«Скованные одной цепью»: секреты счастья самых крепких звездных пар

Celebrities, who, despite everything, to save your marriageLife is not a fairy tale. To live long and happily — most wisdom. And then I heard like disintegrate, it would seem that the most durable pair. But there are those who have managed, despite all the vicissitudes, save the marriage. Among celebrities, which are generally considered quite windy, was a lot those who are loyal to your other half. To name just some of the characters

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What do you want, my dear?

Что тебе подарить, человек мой дорогой?

Eighth of March is getting closer, and ideas — less. WomanHit shares ideas on how to surprise your belovedGold and diamonds are a girl's best friend, who would argue. But the stones are valued cleanliness and size, so not every gentleman have enough money for such a gift. A gold chain is no surprise.Loiter in perfume shops, too little sense. Creams and shampoos are chosen for the type of skin and hair

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Whether to be friends with their exes

Expert WomanHit — psychoanalyst Alexander Rybinski, Professional member of the International Psychoanalytic Society believes that communication with an "ex" is akin to sadomasochismProbably every ever offered or received an offer after breaking up to remain friends. If such a friendship? Of course, history knows cases. Much more interesting to answer the questions: who needs it, and what stays on?A strong relationship between the ex — sadomasochism

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Can a woman be friends with a man?

Psychologists from the United States found the answer to the question, over which mankind fought for centuriesAccording to American psychologists, the friendship between both genders just can't be. Because it is contrary to nature. Usually friendships grow in flirting, when one of the friends begins to feel sympathy for another

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4 ways to get rid of love addiction

Expert — psiholog Ksenia Kasparova — about what to do if relationship becomes painful and bring sufferingOften girls and women want to find your soul mate, get married, giving their heart and hand of the beloved, they want to give him responsibility for his life and freedom,You seemed to begin to live his own life and the life of a boyfriend or husband. Rather, you have the illusion that now that you've found a partner, your life was finally complete

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Named the ideal age for marriage

Scientists have deduced the formula which can calculate the optimal time to create a familyArguments about what age is considered ideal for marriage, not the end. In Europe and USA brides and grooms actively "age": increasingly formalize relations people from 35 years and older. There is considered to be that the creation of a family is necessary to ripen morally and financially. In our country many still to strelitsa to celebrate the 30th anniversary, not having an official wife

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BDSM is sex good for your health? find out how whips and handcuffs affect the immune systemAfter the book and then the movie "Fifty shades of grey" the BDSM topic was not so taboo and shameful as before. To add variety to your sex life and to use in bed, whips, handcuffs and blindfolds have become a growing number of couples. According to doctors, hard sex very beneficial to health. studied the opinion of the doctors and figured out why sometimes it is necessary to abandon vanilla sex in favor of bdsm

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"Pomatrosil and threw" — why men run away after the first sex?

Scientists have found three causes of male impermanenceThe sudden introduction of that first wonderful date, a romantic dinner, rolling into the bedroom. And in the morning, as if nothing had happened. The Prince has vanished without a trace. Alas, this scenario is faced by many girls in his life.Scientists have found the explanation of such behavior of men.The first reason is hormonal. After sex, the level of testosterone in the male body decreases. He needs time to recover

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