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Sergey Zhukov: «We Regina still in honeymoon»

Сергей Жуков: «Мы с Региной до сих пор в свадебном путешествии»

Sergey Zhukov and Regina Бурд often referred to as an ideal couple and an excellent example of the fact that marriages in show business can be happy. The founder of «Hands up» and former soloist of the group «Cream» has been together for eight years. The singer told WomanHit the history of their relations

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Lena Katina: «After the wedding, I had a feeling of security»

Лена Катина: «После венчания у меня появилось чувство защищенности»

Things are not always what they seem to be. Especially if it's show business. Her «lesbian» duet «Tatu» became very successful not only because of the vocal data, but also the courage of the performers. However, «sexual orientation» was the only image. After the band broke up, everything fell into place. Yulia Volkova had visited twice married, and now his personal life arranged and Lena Katina

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Roman Kostomarov: «Marry a second time I'm in no hurry»

Роман Костомаров: «Жениться во второй раз я не тороплюсь»

In pairs figure skating, he has always been considered desirable partner. A tall, handsome, articulate - monitor the movements of the Novel on the ice! After his playing career Olympic champion continues to be in ice shows, invariably causing admiration and sympathy of the audience. But it is said that a man makes a woman. In an athlete's life was a lot..

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Polina Dolinskaya: «For your love must fight,»

Полина Долинская: «За свою любовь надо бороться»

Actor Vladimir Dolinsky adores her. To such a clever, beautiful, talented artist, which extol and colleagues, and Directors. But the family run oasis is not without storms. For that dad drove her child out of the house, why he took the bayonets of the Roman daughter and as the girl was able to convince the father - all this and much more is what we told Polina herself

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Inna Zhirkov: «We Yura together - and this is important»

Инна Жиркова: «Мы с Юрой вместе – и это главное»

The couple, George and Inna Жирковых attracted widespread attention after the release of the film «the Crowned individuals». Video interview Inna won the competition «miss Russia», got on the Internet and caused a stormy reaction. Public began to seriously wonder whether the beautiful woman be still, and a clever and does ignorance of the verses Agnii Barto family life Жирковых? For answers we went to the main heroes of this story

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Nastya Zadorozhnaya: «I Have no intention of venturing wedding»

Настя Задорожная: «У меня нет желания затевать свадьбу»

All happy families are alike. With this statement classics artist could argue. In August of them with figure skater Sergei Slavnov, the anniversary of the five, as they are together. However, together - a conditional term. Sometimes lovers not seen for several months. They have consciously decided not to interfere with the career of each other. And could prove that true love distance is no obstacle

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Song ed Шульжевского connected lovers

Песня Эда Шульжевского соединила влюбленных

One day a young man named Oleg met in a social network with a girl Tatiana. He lived in America, she is in Russia. A year and a half they could not meet before Oleg heard the song ed Шульжевского «You are everything». He sent her his beloved and invited to grow old together. On their wedding first dance was exactly under this song. WomanHit met with the singer and learned the details of this touching story

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