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Sexual abstinence: is it dangerous or not

Сексуальное воздержание: опасно или нет

At first glance, in a small number of sexual contacts there is nothing wrong. However, experts do not agree, and tell me why exactly you need to reconsider the attitude to sexThe topic is quite delicate, and a definite answer to this question is no, as each person determines the quality and regularity of sexual activity on their own. However, many psychologists believe that the reduction in the frequency of sexual contacts has a negative effect on the psyche and physical health

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5 rules of successful sex

5 правил успешного секса

Ended your sex anything at least once? If the answer is "Yes", tell why this is happening and how to fix the situationSexologists becoming more and more popular, according to statistics of requests the Internet search engines. And all because of the fact that a huge number of people in our (and not only our) country are experiencing difficulties in their sexual lives. The problem often lies not so much in physiology, as in the relation of man to this process

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5 movies with real sex scenes

5 фильмов с настоящими секс-сценами

In many films there are erotic shots, but not all Directors are solved in-kind shooting. made a selection of strips whose creators do not suffer from shyness"Idiots," "Nymphomaniac," "Antichrist"All three works are daring to film Director Danish Lars von Trier. The provocative film "the Idiots" was the first in three of the most erotic works of the master

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How not to be alone on February 14: looking for a dream man

Как не остаться одной на 14 февраля: ищем мужчину мечты knows where "live" ideal companionsValentine's Day is approaching — a holiday that envelops lovers magical aura of tenderness and trepidation in relation to each other. You free? Do not despair, because we have several ways to get to know you your man.Imagine the perfect imageYes, ideals do not exist in each of us a mix of strengths and weaknesses

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Secret weapon: seduce a man with clothing

Тайное оружие: соблазняем мужчину с помощью одежды reveals the secrets of conquest worthyIt is no secret that men give special attention to the girl's appearance and then appreciate her inner beauty. Guaranteed to attract the attention of any representative of the opposite sex, there are several secrets:Seductive redAccording to most men, the woman in red looks very appealing. Psychologists have even conducted an experiment by giving a group of young people to rate the attractiveness of women in photographs on a scale

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Long-distance relationships: is it possible

Отношения на расстоянии: возможно ли это

Not all couples live happily together: there are cases when they are compelled to leave. tell whether or not these storiesLong-distance relationships are not very popular in society, but are sometimes a necessary measure. Usually, we remember the history of this kind in a negative context: rarely, when such relationships end positively.These relationships can result in either the break-up or a strong marriage. Third, as a rule, not given

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Types of people prone to cheating

Типы людей, склонных к изменам

As it turns out, fans of "walk left" can be divided into categories. tell what men and women most readily give in to weaknessIt is believed that even if the person has not changed in reality, then certainly in mind did certainly not time. There are one-off infidelity in reality, but there are also such individuals who are doing infidelity almost a second job.According to experts in the field of sexology, a man is guilty of adultery — whether by his women, or his own

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How to do everything that the husband has a mistress

Как сделать все, чтобы муж завел любовницу

Today we will give you some "bad advice", after which the husband will start looking for a woman on the side. cautions: read and do the oppositeSuppose that we find ourselves in a parallel world, and you want your husband has a mistress.As you know, each of our actions have consequences which we find ourselves in a given situation. We offer you the text from the category of "bad advice", it will help you look at your possible actions, and show what these actions can lead to

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First date: 5 mistakes that repel a man

Первое свидание: 5 ошибок, которые оттолкнут мужчину

Women can't always find the right approach. will you tell me what I should improve"Why is it, again, didn't he?" — you complain to her friend, angry with the results of Dating with a potential date. Pay attention to our advice — they are the typical mistakes made by women on the first date:Save yourself, Sagarmatha: Frank outfitThe widespread belief that men love with their eyes. Indeed, the members of the opposite sex often meet on clothes

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Says the body: the physical signals that you are not that man

Говорит тело: физические сигналы о том, что с вами не тот мужчина

Women tend to worry about the relationship, ignoring the signs that gives the subconscious. tell what non-verbal warnings should be listened toOur body reacts to everything that happens around us. However, many people ignore these signals. And for good reason. The body gives us to understand that we are doing wrong, while the brain may miss something

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