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Gaslighting: how to resist the psychological violence

Газлайтинг: как противостоять психологическому насилию

There are numerous ways of manipulation in a pair or just between acquaintances. Sometimes they can lead to disastrous situations. That did not happen with you prepared a memo on the occasion of the meeting with a toxic personThe term "gaslighting" has appeared recently, but you or your friends are probably faced with this phenomenon, albeit not in the most advanced form

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How to recognize a "Mama's boy"

Как распознать «маменькиного сынка»

Entering into a relationship with a new partner, we can't always predict who it will be. Special difficulties arise with infantile men. understood, is it possible to become the main woman in their lifeIsn't often you hear your friends when discussing men suddenly mention the character of "Mama's boy"? Followed by a long discourse, whether it is necessary to enter into a relationship with this man, and if he is, as his re

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How to go to a romantic trip, without leaving the city

Leading the project "the Perfect holiday" Diana Khodakovskaya every week planning the family holiday. She told what is needed to Express vacation with husbandHotel bookingThere are plenty of hotels, boutique hotels, apartments with elegant interiors for every budget and format. There you can arrange a romantic photo shoot, especially creative if you find yourself at, or ask friends Polaroid

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Let's talk: the benefits and harms of intimate revelations

Давай поговорим: польза и вред интимных откровений

Many people think that sex is not the most appropriate topic for discussion. However, experts do not agree. learned how to improve intimacy with a partner by communicatingAt first glance, the bed is not the place for intimate conversations. At least during intimate process. However, the results of research of specialists in psychology, to fully immerse yourself in the silence is also wrong

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When is the best time to have sex morning or evening

Когда лучше заниматься сексом — утром или вечером

Intimate relations are possible at any time of the day. You just need to decide what type you belong to: fans of the wee proximity or passion after midnight. I'll tell you why we live in different rhythmsIn 18 years the sex is good at any time of the day. When you get older, intimacy is increasingly transferred to the evening as in the morning you're absorbed charges for work and you do not to relaxation. And at 40 years, you notice that sex had disappeared

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5 key moments, annoying men in women when Dating

5 основных моментов, раздражающих мужчин в женщинах при знакомстве

Our sex columnist Roman Galchenko — about why some men disappear after the first meetingWomen often cite the alleged Brodsky: "When I get tired of the endless analysis, call me, let's dance". Quote in the form of a slogan or a personal presentation on Dating sites.Yes, the phrase is beautiful, light, mood, live. But to conform to it also need. First of all, the weaker sex.In General, 5 main points, annoying men in women when Dating.1. Categorically avoiding the topic of sex

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5 sex misconceptions that deprive of pleasure

5 секс-заблуждений, которые лишают наслаждений

We get a lot of information about sexual life from media and from friends, but not all of these stories and opinions coincide with the reality. will help to understand what is true and what is notThe first misconceptionThere is a belief that sexuality is male, his potency and power depend directly on the size of the genitals. To this point drag history that high and brutal men, too, all right. Some try to guess at the length of the nose, fingers and feet

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Former ghosts: how to let go of past relationships

Призраки бывших: как выбросить из головы прошлые отношения

The gap is not easy for all. Many are so immersed in negative thoughts, detach from real life. found a solution to help you in this situationIt is very difficult to start a new life, if hanging over you the shadow of a previous relationship. Not everyone knows how to get rid of the past. We will try to help you to understand yourself and your past experience, so you can turn your life into a new Chapter

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Complexes in sex: to stop and to stop being afraid

Комплексы в сексе: пресечь и перестать бояться

Psychologist Anna Sukhova told as a woman liberated in moments of intimacy and allow yourself what really wantSex, like many in this word. We analyze, we read, learn. Every time I try to learn something new. Try to meet everyone's expectations and still not get what you really want. We are ashamed, are afraid to discuss this topic. Can't have THIS conversation. Most importantly, we are ashamed of their desires

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Love is gone: how to establish a relationship with the former

Любовь прошла: как наладить отношения с бывшим

Is there friendship between ex-lovers? already knows and is ready to give an answerFor a long time and many pairs proved that it is impossible to be friends after a relationship. If the rupture was preceded by the stage of arguments, fighting and recrimination, you should not count on a kind and gentle friendly relations with the former

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