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Five questions before the wedding

Пять вопросов перед свадьбой

The couple sometimes miss important details that can affect future family life. Psychologist Olga Romaniv know that it is necessary to discuss before getting marriedVery good. if you and your spouse more or less the same ideas about family and everyday life. Therefore, when Dating pay attention to the color of said half about past experiences, talk about their Hobbies. Pay attention to what family you were brought up your partner (fiancee)

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Three symptoms of the crisis in family relations

Три симптома кризиса в семейных отношениях

Expert practicing psychologist Roman Talanov — how to recognize the problem and prevent divorceEven in marriage, where the relationship between spouses can be considered ideal, there are stages that psychologists have been interpreted as crises. The harmonious relationship can crumble to dust in a time of crisis, unable to endure the hardships of this difficult period.Family over the years in its development of a kind of steps

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The perfect man: what he

Идеальный мужчина: какой он

As is often used in popular psychology that phrase! And how often do women want this to meet, attract, retain and make your own! Oh, if only you knew how wrong you are!Not because they'll be wrong about this dream and desire. But because of the ideals, as in the joke: "the Perfect man does not drink, does not smoke, does not change or does NOT EXIST." The pursuit of the ideal is one of the many forms to deny reality for what it is

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How to survive a divorce: 6 important tips

Как пережить развод: 6 важных советов

Family therapist Catherine Ormita told how to cope with stress and continue to live in harmony with yourselfStatistics tell us the sad numbers — the number of divorces in our country is growing every year. According to the data, in some individual years the number of divorces exceeds the number of marriages! In other words, at least every second family breaks up. It would seem that it becomes something normal, not geeky emotions

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5 simple ways to fall in love with the person

5 простых способов влюбить в себя человека

Psychologists say that we can control other people's feelingsMethod # 1When we are warm, we are comfortable. American psychologists advise to warm up a partner, and not to cast cold. When we are warm physically, we also tend to behave more kindly and friendly towards other people. For example, ice cream or ice cold champagne on a date, wrong treat.Coffee preferable мороженогоpixabay.comMethod # 2 Look partner in the eye. The longer the better

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Married because "it is necessary"

Замуж, потому что «надо»

In big cities, women are increasingly put the self-realization is perhaps the highest of family values. But still it is believed that a lonely — so unlucky. How to resist the pressure of society, said the radio host and psychologist anetta OrlovaWhere did the concept of "family" and why it was important? The family was necessary for survival. And for women the marriage of financial and social independence

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How to become sexually attractive

Как стать сексуально привлекательной

Coach, psychotherapist Vladimir Lobanov has revealed the secrets of attractive women's behavior in different situationsOne dayWithout changing anything in the clothes and hairstyle, in one day, and it is better for one evening and one morning is absolutely free you can change the "flow". I can't say that it is very simple, but ready to assert that it under force to every woman.Helps to properly adjust the tension of the women's competition

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5 reasons to hide your husband

5 причин скрывать своего мужа

Psychologists wonder, and women makeReason # 1It just says, let it look like hell, but there was. In fact, women are very worried, if her companion is bald, fat and ugly. Big problem — growth, good-bye heels. In our society it is accepted that the man was above.Goodbye каблукиpixabay.comReason # 2Beautiful, well-groomed man is also a problem. Not gay if you have it? Somehow, it is believed that for the sake of the beloved woman is not necessary to follow

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5 factors that increase the risk of divorce

5 факторов, увеличивающих риск развода

Scientists have deduced interesting patternsFactor No. 1According to the observations of American sociologists, it is very important at what age the couple got married. If young people get married almost at school, their pair is very likely soon to disintegrate. It's the immature individuals who still do not know what they want from life, not define the values.The marriage age from 25 to 32 летpixabay

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5 things that will help to reveal the character of a person

5 мелочей, которые помогут раскрыть характер собеседника

On a first date pay attention to his gestures and behaviorRead the opinionA man looks you in the eye, see how he does it. Interested, gently, relishing? A look can say a lot. For example, the attitude and desire.Not looking at you? You don't интереснаpixabay.comThe analyzed postureIf during the conversation the man is trying to be a little closer, he's interested not only conversation, but you. But crossed or hidden hand talking about suspicion and secrecy

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