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5 reasons to have sex daily

5 причин заниматься сексом ежедневно

According to experts, sex are essential to maintain a healthy relationship. agree with the experts and ready to tell you how to do itMany married women admit that they are not eager to have sex with a lawful husband. And indeed with anyone. This is the explanation: to date, women have too many responsibilities, as a consequence, elevated levels of stress

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Who and what accesses the matchmakers

Кто и зачем обращается к свахам

Not everyone turns out to find yourself a pair of your own. In this situation will help the specialist, which and going to tell youMethods of finding a life partner can be very diverse: trying to find someone in social networks, cafes, through friends and acquaintances. In this area there are "experts" on the selection of the pair. Pandering is hardly a profession, but a large number of people still use the services of this kind.Admittedly, many do not need otnosheniju: pixabay

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Time corporate events: is there room for spontaneous sex

Время корпоративов: есть ли место спонтанному сексу

Before the new year weekend is coming, the most important holiday for every office. tell what unexpectedness can trap you in the midst ofYou've been waiting for this for a year, and now the day has come! You just keep your eyes: expensive dress and shoes, supermaket and styling. Feel like a prom Queen who believes in Christmas miracle.This evening a miracle can be regarded as something unimaginable, but also pleasant in all respects a young man, fun to pass the evening

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Remarriage: top 10 moments

Повторные браки: 10 главных моментов

If you are going to connect his life with a new person, you should seriously approach to this important moment. warns about some of the subtleties that need to be discussed before the official registrationA few centuries ago, our ancestors re-married in case of death of one of the previous spouses. Basically, it involved women, as in this situation they were left alone with the children

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How to disable the head during sex

Как «отключить» голову во время секса

In the hustle and bustle of the city we all have stress, can't relax. Voltage greatly affects the intimate life. picked up a few techniques that will bring you satisfactionIn the intimate sphere often comes a lot of problems. However, this area of human life is not usually discussed in wider circles. A frequent obstacle to normal sexual life in women is the inability to "turn off" the head and relax

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Male intent: how to understand what he wants sex or relationship

Мужские намерения: как понять, чего он хочет — секса или отношений

You can guess on Daisy, to explore Amateur female life hacks or even go to some pseudo-training. But more productive if this "Pandora's box" will reveal the man himself. The solution behavior of the stronger sex — our sex columnist Roman GalchenkoSo, you meet 10-14 days. What are ITS symptoms are given to understand that your dreams and start a joint reality, is clearly about something more than just sex in your free time?7 signs of mood, men in a "serious relationship":1

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How to understand the appearance of men, if it fits you in sex

Как понять по внешнему виду мужчины, подходит ли он вам в сексе

You have in mind conceived the idea of a close encounter with the chosen one, but you don't want to be disappointed after the first night? will tell you what you should look for when choosing a potential loverIn the beginning it can be difficult to soberly assess the prospects of future relations with a new partner. Sometimes women are too intoxicated gentleman, so do not immediately come to the conclusion, whether it fits this man to a long-stop or not

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Dirty linen in public: how to argue with a man

Сор из избы: как правильно спорить с мужчиной

The dispute is art. How to behave and what to say to debate with a man to get the winner, will tell WomanHit.ruEvery woman — no matter which layer and the category it belong, whether it be an office lady, mother, fatal temptress — faced men. Occasionally, there may be disputes and conflicts, and the man will try by hook or by crook to convince you of the correctness.There are many examples. It may seem that you've all gathered for dinner in a restaurant. Have nedomolvili soup

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Life or not life: how to rekindle the fires of passion

Быт или не быт: как вновь разжечь огонь страсти

Are you married but feel that you and your spouse share all the most intimate abyss? will help you to overcome the crisis and establish sexual life in terms of marriageAfter several years of living together you feel that your intimate life is not the same: the senses are blunted, you try to avoid the moments when you have to be alone. Familiar, does not it?However, there are times and quite often, when spouses cannot find a way out of this sticky situation

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7 principles of a perfect relationship

7 принципов построения идеальных отношений

Expert, master of Chinese astrology and Feng Shui Jeanne Wei, talks about how to create a harmonious UnionEverything in our life is built on love. Its role is so great that it is difficult to overestimate. Almost everyone is looking for the perfect relationship. And those who found them, can easily implement all of their other abilities and talents.If you're trying with relationship "plug" any holes in their lives — they are doomed from the start

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