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7 taboo topics in conversation with the man

A few things not to discuss with your lovedOf course, right especially appreciated the sincerity. Disappear all the secrets, and you two know everything about each other. But there are facts that are better to hide from his men to keep myself in his eyes charming and desirable.Present opinion about his parents. In any case, the family in the life of every person in the first place

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Love lives three years: how to avoid it

Любовь живет три года: как этого избежать

Expert psychologist Alain al-As — that so much in life is based on right selectionIf you believe the common phrase, that love lives only three years. Someone justify this fails (sometimes repeatedly unsuccessful) relationship, someone who sincerely hopes that it isn't, in fear waiting for the three-year milestone, someone throughout his life proves that it is not

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5 reasons why you should not fight with her mother in law

5 причин, почему не стоит бороться со свекровью

Waterboy impossible to unhook her skirtSometimes marriages are doomed to failure. And it's not that you don't meet each other, you're a bad hostess or little he earns. In relationships constantly interfering third — mother-in-law. And fighting it is useless.Reason # 1You can never become more important to him than his mother. Better leave them alone and find less childish man

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How to be yourself in a relationship with a man

Как оставаться собой в отношениях с мужчиной

Expert psychologist Olesya Alpacka — why should not be a "convenient woman"I wrote this article as a dialogue with you, with each, my goal is to bring all women to the extent possible, to happiness and full understanding of yourself. We are going to talk about relationships as the key choice in life. After all, who you chose in life, depends on your future. Pay attention to what the woman chooses the right man, not wins, and chooses and allows to be with him

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6 signs of sexuality

Openness and thirst for knowledge can tell a lot about a person's characterHonesty. An honest man is much easier to build family relationships. He will not cheat on the little things and tell you about the dissatisfaction in the eyes. An honest woman would not mimic the fun and share their secret desires. Men it's very exciting.Tolerance. The ability to understand someone else's worldview is important in building relationships

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6 reasons to start an affair with a younger man

The positive aspects of the relationship with young partnerOur society is full of mindless stereotypes. One of them is that a woman should not build a relationship with men younger than her. So many of us to look at the young Apollo as a beautiful picture, even thought not daring to imagine as a partner. But in vain! Advantages, when in a couple the woman is older, actually a lot. Here are six of them.For a long family life. For anybody not a secret that women live longer than men

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The whole truth about relationships with older men

If you prefer experienced and Mature men, you should be ready to test that will present these relationshipsHang out with your friends not interested. During the years of his youth he had already saturated alcoholic festivities, which ended only in the morning. In adulthood, men prefer a quiet family holiday without any extreme.From alcohol he will also refrain from you require the same. A grown man will not support the girl that is "too much fun"

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Why favorite me lost interest

5 things that make men lose interest in youAfter a survey among men from 22 to 45 years old, it was found that is able to push away from women the stronger sex.The atmosphere of communication. If you are constantly tense and stiff in the presence of his chosen, he might think that this is just business relationships or business. It is important that you remained relaxed and was myself. Then he, too, will feel comfortable.You are the mistress, not the mother. The concern is, of course, good

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5 types of men you should not start the relationship

Some representatives of the strong half of mankind does not deserve your attentionNot every man can build a happy family life. Here are a few types of men with whom it is hardly possible to find harmony.Bummer. He believes his charm and charisma to his advantage and I am sure that every woman has to pay (not just money) only for this fact. Such a man is not going to help you around the house, and his presence next to you will be limited to watching football on the couch with a bottle of beer

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