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Erotic massage: techniques for seducing men

Эротический массаж: приемы для соблазнения мужчин

It is believed that these techniques are fluent only Oriental women. But picked up a few options that everyone can learnErotic massage is a very intimate act. It helps to know the partner closer, to ignite the fire of passion.It is not necessary to be a guru of massage, to give pleasure to your spouse. Only need to understand the basic techniques and not to limit the imagination. Thus your relationship will sparkle with bright colors and will reach a new level

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What mistakes do women while flirting

Какие ошибки совершают женщины во время флирта tells what you can never do if you want to master the art of attracting men of your dreams — and to learn this by virtue of everyIn the beginning of a relationship flirting is the cornerstone. An important aspect of flirting is not only conscription views, ambiguous poses, but the ability to say the right thing at the right time.Search on the Internet gives a lot of advice regarding the art of flirting

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3 main causes of pathological jealousy

3 главные причины патологической ревности will tell you how "grow legs" of this condition, and give advice on overcoming the crisis in your relationshipPathological jealousy harms not only its owner but also the people around him. This condition can lead to loss of control, which in turn poses a threat to society. It is important to help the person, to prevent trouble in the family.What is jealousy?This obsessive state leads to human suffering, and although he has no real reason

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Why it's not ringing: a holiday romance and its consequences

Почему он не звонит: курортный роман и его последствия

Often a man, familiarity with which occurred on holiday, is not dfibv hero. explain why this is happening"It's been so long, and he hasn't called!" — women often complain to their friends after returning from the warm countries where they spent time with a pretty, but unfamiliar man. And like the rest was fine, both were good, however the man had disappeared. Holiday romance is quite often exactly what ends upon departure

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5 ways to win the respect of men

5 способов завоевать уважение мужчины

If the lady wants to be loved, it must remain mysteriousMethod # 1 Will never agree to his proposal. Even if you really want to go to this movie, do it. The man-hunter is an interesting woman with an opinion. But if you're with him you're always gonna agree, he will lose interest in you.Defend your мнениеpixabay.comMethod # 2Too rakish, unbridled, and even drunk girl will cause only disgust. With this you can spend only one night

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I hate him: how to survive the pain of parting

Я ненавижу его: как пережить боль расставания

If you go through a breakup with a loved one, WomanHit there are some tips that will help you regain emotional balanceSeparation is an integral part of our lives. They may occur periodically. This is a great stress that, despite the negative connotation, shaping our personality. How can I do?One of the main rules: to understand that the time has not come back.No need to cling to memories. The relationship is over and it is a fact that must be taken, even if it will not be easy

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How to attract love in the New year

Как привлечь любовь в Новом году

The tarragon and psychic Marianna Abravitova talks about the rituals that will help to get rid of lonelinessFor anybody not a secret that all our thoughts and desires that we send into the Universe, sooner or later return. Therefore, all our thoughts about love should be well articulated, thought out to the smallest detail and only then sent into the Universe

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The dog people vs. cat people: what pet choice says about your character

Собачники vs кошатники: что выбор питомца говорит о вашем характере

A pet is a marker of specific traits and lifestyle. found out from a psychologist, what to expect from fans of the tailed beasts and how to build a relationship with themOf course, choosing a pet, first and foremost we pay attention to how the animal looks, but also rely on their own pace of life and character.Dog loversIn childhood, most children want to have a puppy, a with age changing, but someone still nurture the dream of a tailed friend

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5 ways to ruin an intimate meeting

5 способов испортить интимную встречу

Agree, sometimes the success of a date depends not only on the desires of the partners, but also from external factors. WomanHit says that can "kill" sexual attitudeSleep in the same bedIf you already live together long enough, likely, most nights you sleep in the same bed. British scientists constantly conduct new research, in the course of experiments, they found that couples who are married for many years, it is useful sometimes to sleep separately

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Who is left: find out the most frequent causes of female adultery

Кому налево: выясняем самые частые причины женских измен

Anna Yasnitsky, sexologist and relationship expert, explains why women get a "second husband" and easy to live in a love "triangle"Now cheating is no surprise. If before the adultery, especially of the wife, it was strictly condemned by society and in many countries, even punishable in legal terms, now manners have become much more liberal. Many women, tired of the marital relationship, often problematic and conflict, give birth to intrigue on the side

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