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How to save on dental care

Как грамотно сэкономить на лечении зубов

Expert — dentist, aesthetics Gleb Baked — that dental treatment can be made more budget, without compromising quality and aestheticsThere is a strong but erroneous opinion that the save in the treatment and restoration of teeth through the use of filling material. That is, the doctor, with the best of intentions, offers the patient an alternative to crowns or fillings. Filling material, of course, cheaper. And looks — the first time — quite presentable

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Power magnet for face beauty

Cosmetic market space magnetic facial masksThey are no different from the normal masks have the gray color and creamy texture, easy to apply on the face with fingers or brush. The distinctive feature of magnetic masks in that they do not need to rinse.Due to the content of metal particles in the composition of the mask, it is removed from the skin with the wrapped in towel magnet. Along with a cosmetic face leaving dead skin particles of the epidermis

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How to avoid wrinkles: 5 myths that still believe

Как избежать морщин: 5 мифов, в которые до сих пор все верят collected the major delusion that affects the youthfulness of the skinThe first mythLate or early wrinkles is solely genetics, so it makes no sense to fight natureIndeed, heredity means a lot. But do not forget that our mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers had a very different way of life, diet and care. And the environment then was different. So care for your skin from early years. And what kind of result you come to middle-age, will be solely your credit

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6 things not to do with the face

6 вещей, которые нельзя делать с лицом

Girl-physicist in his blog, shares his knowledge about the skin from a scientific point of view24-year-old Adele miftahova physicist. For several years it leads my blog "Don't Touch My Face". In it she helps readers to understand the variety of cosmetics. Gives advice on how to care for your skin, based on scientific facts. It turns out that we do a lot wrong, it's time to improve. collected six errors, which we do every day.Mistake # 1Wash with soap and water

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Give back the sun

Summer is coming, so it's time to think about the means with sunscreenThey need to use not only on vacation but also in urban environments. To neglect the protection can only girls with phototype 4 or above. These people have dark skin and dark hair like Penelope Cruz.For all other necessary sunscreen. To provide protection against pigmentation and photo ageing, you should choose funds with a SPF of at least 30

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In Vogue eyebrow-feathers

Replaced wide, evenly painted eyebrows comes a new version of the styling and makeupThe idea is to turn your eyebrows into a semblance of a quill pen occurred to the Finnish make-up artist Stella sironi. On his page in the social network, the girl published a photo in which the eyebrows of the model horizontally separated parted in the middle, and the hairs are laid in opposite directions: half down, half up.This kind of the eyebrows liked beauties from all over the world

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Makeup lips with the effect of piercing the trend this spring

Макияж губ с эффектом пирсинга — тренд этой весны

Makeup artists suggest to learn a new trick to make the effect of the piercing lips without pain or puncturesTo draw an earring on the lower lip, you will need two shades of lipstick. The first is pretty standard: fuchsia, red, cherry or something like that. The second should be with the basic contrast combination.For example, the color of the stripes on the lip can have the same skin tone, or overlap with the color of eye makeup

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Again carnival: how to use oil care for yourself

Опять масленица: как правильно использовать масла в уходе за собой have gathered 5 of the miracle remedies that really work wondersMoroccan argan oil from Huilargan (main photo)About the beneficial properties of argan oil have you heard, perhaps, everything. It is considered one of the most valuable and rarest oils on earth. It is extracted from the fruit (nuts) of the argan tree which is found only in Morocco and only grows in certain parts of this country

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5 shades of red to suit every skin type

5 оттенков красного, которые подойдут для любого типа кожи

All Hollywood stars are different one white grin framed by scarlet smile — find your redYears pass, fashions change, other types of individuals become popular... But, anyway, most men on the question of what should be woman's lips, is not responsible for: passionate, full, hot, like Jolie, and no obvious red.The red color is bright and sexy, not argue. But the drawbacks in this scheme is not too little, provided how to avoid them.Need to find your оттенокpixabay

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Eyebrows — the center of attention

Proper care of this part of the face has a positive effect on the perception of our image overallEyebrows — a kind of skeleton face. If they are not maintained and bowed low, his face looks dull. To avoid this effect, it's essential to regularly devote time to his eyebrows.First and foremost, you need to take care about the optimal shape of the eyebrows. For this you will need tweezers. To save it is not necessary, because low-quality tweezers will not remove the fine hairs

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