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A beautiful smile than just teeth

You smiled in response, you should care about the lipsWhen lips are well maintained, the smile looks more welcoming. To do this, apply lip balm when going out on the street and at bedtime. But from a long stay in a room with dry air, persistent regular use of lipsticks, Smoking and the habit of biting lips should be abandoned.To pay special attention to the skin of the lips has been around since 25 years. At this age she was first subjected to ageing processes

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"I'm going to get a nose job, but all the time something interferes. A lot of work, constantly dealing with people. To bruises or to leave for a month on vacation — is simply unrealistic. They say that there were techniques of rhinoplasty to make the nose and return to work in 7-10 days? Is that true?"Rhinoplasty is a pretty conservative area of surgery in which there is little change. Correcting the nose, the surgeon works not only with skin but also with cartilage and bone tissues

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Features, outstanding the age

Cosmetologists are told what you need to work in order to appear youngerThat the skin on the neck and hands are aging much faster than the facial skin has long been known. But what age can issue such a trifle as the condition of the tragus and earlobe, was a revelation. It turns out that over the years, the shrinks tragus, and the earlobe droops, causing others becomes apparent that they face not the young woman

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The rules of anti-aging makeup

These techniques will give you fresh and more youthful appearanceAnti-aging makeup should start with good moisturizer with lifting effect. As a Foundation it is better to choose easy way. For example, BB or CC cream that will not accentuate wrinkles.Don't make eyebrows too thin, because young girls usually have no problems with number of trichomes. In eye makeup, avoid pearl and shimmer to make the look open, do not paint the bottom, anti-aging treatment

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How to make neon make-up

A new trend in makeup that is gaining popularity in the Network, will make you brighter and more spectacularNeon makeup is done using cosmetics containing fluorescent components. It can be lipstick, lip pencil or eyelids, and the shadows.Makeup with neon finish line, usually are not solo. It complements the makeup made using a matte or satin texture. This allows you to add expressiveness, but do not overdo the Shine. However, use neon in makeup is better for the party or for photo shoot

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5 simple peels that are easy to make at home

5 несложных пилингов, которые легко сделать дома

Early spring is the best time for deep cleansingDust in the areas, dirt roads, and just become obsolete cells of the epidermis preventing the skin to breathe properly, to be fresh and healthy. Exfoliation is the best way to return to face a radiant look. Once a week give yourself a little attention, and your appearance will respond with gratitude.The sun can cause dark spots, so during high activity lights to exfoliate the skin is not recommended. And early spring is the time for deep cleaning

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The smoothness of the face at any cost

Russia came to the Asian trend of shaving the face in womenShave a special women's razor allows you to not only get rid of the "fluff" on the face, but also to remove the upper Horny skin layer. As a result, the skin becomes smooth and even.This method of peeling is relevant to those preparing for the application of professional makeup for a photo shoot. Without the photoshopped face look like porcelain

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Cast off the shackles of the stylish trends of the 90s that will be relevant this spring

Сбросим стильные оковы: тренды 90-х, которые будут актуальны этой весной

Bright eyeshadow, big jewelry, pearl blush — all back in fashionIf you secretly wanted to add a little blue shadow, large metallic accessories or a haircut "ladder", but could not decide — now is the time to do it.In the spring of 2017, the designers decided that half-forgotten trends of the 90s can do, "Luke" fashionistas around the world for spring-fresh and immediate.Bright shade trend, Stoneface: materials of press-servicesAlmost everything is allowed

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A gift for the Prince: beauty secrets of Megan Markle

Подарок для принца: секреты красоты Меган Маркл

Beloved Prince Harry shared his tips for caring for aBeloved Prince Harry Meghan Markle already being compared to Kate Middleton: the actress is not inferior to the Duchess of beauty, style and ability to present themselves. However, American movie stars have their own secrets to care for themselves that she is willing to share. took advice Megan."A very important motivation

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7 secrets to youthful skin, of which you were unaware

7 секретов молодости кожи, о которых вы не подозревали

In Ancient Russia noblewoman washed with ice water from a silver pitcher, and in Ancient China, to look in the fashion of the pale and thin, the girls rubbed his face with egg white and slept on bamboo matsNowadays every lady knows about the miraculous properties of hyaluronic acid and proper hydration, but we are sure that some of the lifehacks for youthful skin you never knew existed.LifestyleSleeping beautyIn 20 years you will look fresh even after 5 hours of sleep face in the pillow

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