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The pros and cons of eyelash extensions

Все за и против наращивания ресниц

Not everyone can boast a deep look, but will not leave you alone with this problem and give advice on how not to be mistaken with the masterGorgeous long eyelashes is the dream of many. But ladies who have to put up with "spider legs", there are more than owners of the lashes like a fan. No matter how we tried to lengthen and curl them using expensive mascaras, the effect will hardly be noticeable. For such "heavy" cases, beauty salons offer the procedure eyelash

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5 products containing the hormone of youth

5 продуктов, содержащих гормон молодости

Support the right amount of estrogen in the bodyYouth and beauty — is primarily health — one without the other does not exist. If a woman feels bad, tired, to Shine she just can not. The main element necessary for good appearance it is a steroid sex hormones — estrogen. Their deficiency leads to depression, decreased libido, fatigue, irregular cycle, the deterioration of the skin, nails and hair.Estrogen level is constantly changing in blood during the month and throughout life

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Slam and fly: grow long eyelashes

Хлопай и взлетай: отращиваем длинные ресницы

Prompt, what to drink, eat and apply on eyelashes in order to grow by leaps and boundsIt may surprise you, but the structure of the hair does not differ from the structure of eyebrows and eyelashes — except that they are more rigid due to the smaller length. This means that what is effective for hair growth, it will equally act on the lashes. knows the secrets of the growth of long and thick eyelashes that will drive crazy any man

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Slow down time: the best anti-aging products

Замедляем время: лучшие антивозрастные средства I assembled my beauty-top, which will help to fight with aging skinAging skin is affected by two types of factors: genetic and environmental. How to resist the first, the doctors still only scratching their heads, but the justice on the aggression on the part of the environment is gradually. Will tell you about the best anti wrinkle cream

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Pregnancy and skin: is there a connection

Беременность и проблемная кожа: есть ли связь

When you are expecting a baby, you want to look beautiful during this period. However, the skin begins to rebel. explain what the problem is and how to fight itIn a woman's body there is no body which would not have influenced the pregnancy. Naturally, the skin is one of the strongest influences, as it is directly linked to all body systems.Pregnancy is not a reason to run, sabatto: pixabay

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Select eyebrow shape for oval face on the example of stars figured out how to draw eyebrows that they looked harmoniouslyFashion dictates the rules for those who want to look stunning. A few years ago acquired the popularity of sable eyebrows — they can be seen on the models fashion Week in France, Italy, USA and other centers of industry. The girls abandoned the tweezers and began to grow natural curves

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Night masks and creams, which are applied before bedtime

На ночь глядя: маски и кремы, которые наносятся перед сном versed than the day cream differs from the night, all suited such tools and how to choose "your"We have already memorized, like the multiplication table, that evening, be sure to use a night cream and in the morning, wash it, comes the turn of the day. But sometimes and then the question arises: if on the contrary? Or even to do without a night means? Why is it necessary?Explain the pointsWhat a day to be from the night? Of course, its composition

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The face we deserve

Лицо, которое мы заслужили

Emotions eventually leave an imprint on our appearance. But thanks to advances in cosmetics today it is possible to erase the traces of our experiencesIn the tradition of Chinese medicine and philosophy, decided to allocate five basic emotional States. It is anger, fear, joy, sadness and reflection. And all of these emotions, do not hesitate, leave an imprint on our faces. But thanks to advances in cosmetics today it is possible to erase the traces of our experiences

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They are also doing it: top 5 treatments for skin for men

Они тоже делают это: топ-5 процедур по уходу за кожей для мужчин

Dermatologist Anton Averbukh reveals the beauty secrets of the stronger sexWhat are the procedures chosen by men? First, for them it is very important that the procedure effect was seen immediately, they are not willing to wait a week, a month, two, three or six. They need the here and now. The second and very important point — the procedure should not be noticeable to others

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5 ways to whiten your teeth from the comfort of home

5 способов отбелить зубы, не выходя из дома

How to whiten teeth at home without the help of a dentist? will tell you what foods will make enamel brighterDentists estimate that one in five patients seek a teeth whitening. People will do anything for a Hollywood smile — no wonder they say that she is our secret weapon. On average, the cost of bleaching — 8-15 thousand rubles, but not all are willing to pay that amount

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