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Lily silver: clean aromas with a floral note

Ландыш серебристый: чистые ароматы с цветочной нотой

About the most mysterious and famous perfume compositions — the review WomanHit.ruPurity, gentleness and innocence of this spring flower has been associated with devotion and love. Blossoms of Lily of the valley — a cascade of small white bell — a young girl pinned itself on the bodice as a sign of consent to marry. In case of failure of the fragile flowers were under the feet of the outcast

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Laser hair removal can remove even blonde hair

This technology has developed strongly in recent times and is now suitable for almost everyoneEarly on good results from laser hair removal could count only possessor of dark hair. Bright green laser simply "not take". Its density, of course, decreased, but complete smoothness out of the question.With the advent of the diode laser spectrum of potential users of laser hair removal has grown considerably. This unit shows excellent results on the skin and hair of any color

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Manicure in the style of tai-Dai wins the hearts of fashionistas

Nail decoration, made brightly colored varnishes, perfectly upliftingIn the spring and summer of 2017 to everyone who follow fashion trends will have to learn a new technique of manicure under the exotic name of "tai Dai". Nails in the style of "tai-Dai" characterized by a combination of several bright and contrasting against each other shades of varnish

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Exercises that harm women's health

The work in the gym can not only adjust the shape, but also lead to gynecological problemsAs we would not want to feel equal to men in everything, in some areas of life still should not try to fit in. Thus, certain types of physical activity that is valid for men, women's body will do more harm than good.We are talking about exercises with weights, gaining popularity among Russians. Yes, they do help to quickly build muscle

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Synthetic vitamins can be harmful

Scientists suspect that these substances accumulate in the bodyTo drink vitamins if not year round then at least in the offseason, has a habit of Russians. It is believed that preformed vitamins can replace those that we did not get from food. Pharmaceutical companies also claim that vitamins improve our health, give courage and protect from colds.Today synthetic vitamins are not only in the composition of pharmaceutical preparations, but also in many food products

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Give battle beriberi simple but effective ways to help your health

Expert beauty and health, business woman and beauty blogger Julia Engel shared with the main secrets of enriching your tired body with vitamins after long winterHow to help skin after winter?Unfortunately, the spring avitaminosis has not only in our mood but impact on the whole organism. The most notable fatigue, of course, reflects our skin. The blame for the lack of vitamins and hydration, this leads to the fact that the skin becomes dry, weak, looks dull

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The excess light makes ahead of time

Particularly vulnerable to the negative impact of artificial lighting in the big citiesAll the matter in the light pollution — the clouds of light and dust that accumulate around the cities. They do not give the night to be truly dark, prevent us from seeing the stars and sleep well.Light coming into our bedroom in the night, inhibits the production of melatonin, the substance, youth-preserving body, which supports all biological rhythms, and even providing the prevention of obesity

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Motivated sports

If you still have not made exercise a part of your life, we will help you to decide on fitness classesThe first reason is that sport makes our bodies such that they are a perfect fit with any fashion clothes. From under a short jacket cease to bulge volume side, and the condition of feet it is allows you to wear a skirt of any length.Second, the site from time to time to eat favorite treats — candy, cookies and even cakes. You don't recover from them if you will regularly do in the gym

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The most fashionable pedicure spring-2017

This spring will be especially important in the design of the toenails in a single toneHowever, this tone should be in the trend. Fortunately, it is not difficult. Fashion experts suggest us to cover the nail varnish one of nadovich shades or use varnish red, black. Traditionally great on a summer's eve will look like nail Polish turquoise, coral, yellow, blue.Color pedicure do not have to match the color of the manicure

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To get to the color: the actual shades of nail Polish

Попасть в цвет: самые актуальные оттенки лаков для ногтей

What manicure will be in Vogue in the coming season?Seasonal changes in the industry faster it responds the nail area — now we can just say what colors and designs we will develop and which to leave in the past season. So, say goodbye to complex floral ornaments, moon and French manicure, and welcome metallic green and blue, geometry, and all sorts of combinations with black color.Photo: materials of press-servicesNail Magic Effects Mineral Crush, AVON

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