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Anastasia Stotskaya: "the main thing — to sleep"

Анастасия Стоцкая: «главное — высыпаться»

In may, the singer for the second time became a mother. And now she demonstrates excellent form, both physical and creative. learned from the stars how to recover quickly after childbirthNow a huge number of different methods and systems recovery exercises. Don't be lazy and choose what is right for you. For example, I prefer yoga. Working out two times a week. Yoga is perfectly suitable even for pregnant women.The recipe to get back in shape, is simple: eat less

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Delicate question: how to treat urinary incontinence

Деликатный вопрос: как лечить недержание мочи

Expert — doctor of Sciences, Professor of the Department of urology and surgical andrology of the Russian medical Academy, honored doctor of the Russian Federation Alexander Seregin — answering those questions you are often too shy to askIt's hard to believe, but almost every fourth woman at least once in his life faced with the manifestations of urinary incontinence

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Cold vs bruise

You accidentally hurt yourself, and in a conspicuous place was a sign about this trouble? Ugly and takes a long time, for weeks. Take immediate actionAgainst bruises, there are special medicines, but you can apply proven methods, before reaching the pharmacy. A bruise occurs from the fact that under the skin flows blood from damaged blood vessels. To avoid this, vozdeistviem cold

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How to run to lose weight

Any physical activity can help you lose weight, but to achieve good results, you need to know some of the secrets of our bodyDaily Jogging is undoubtedly good for health. But if you asked a certain speed and never increase, only in the beginning you will be able to lose some weight, after weight will stay at the same level.The reason is that the body adapts to a certain load and spending on it has less calories. Better to start with low speed and increase it day by day

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5 horrible mistakes during a manicure

5 ужасных ошибок во время маникюра warns: we are spoiling your nailsNow every step you are offered a manicure for just pennies. Courses lasting several days, prepare professionals, and they begin to take clients. And someone is taken to restore beauty at home, by myself.However, it turns out, all is not so simple. found that nails spoil very easily, but to recover then it is not always possible.Mistake # 1Manicure — the last century

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Pavel Zanozin: "for me, Sport is a family affair"

Павел Занозин: «Спорт для меня — дело семейное»

The commentator told how to always stay in great shape, right exercise to do at home protein shakeSports commentator Pavel Zanozin know about sports almost all. And he gladly tries himself in different forms. Even in the rare. had heard the story of Paul on his way of life and recorded some helpful tips.Professional athlete I become failed. Although, of course, in childhood I really wanted to go to the big football

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How to maintain ideal weight for life

A month effort will you successfully get rid of extra pounds, but back to their old lifestyle and... the Usual story. What should I do?The mistake of many a desire to lose weight as quickly as possible, using the most violent means. It is clear that the result is usually temporary, because sitting on a diet or torturing yourself exercise on the verge of the possibilities is long.Try to do otherwise: make simple elements of a healthy lifestyle, their daily habits for a lifetime

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How to get better with the onset of cold weather

Как не поправиться с наступлением холодов

When behind a window a rain (as now) or snow (which is expected shortly), we have significantly increased appetite. Want without stop to eat biscuits, chocolate and other "forbidden" beautiful waist products. However, there is much more safe to figure ways to warm the bodyJulia Angel, beauty blogger, beauty expert and health:"In the autumn of the body is reconstructed under a new temperature regime. The easiest way to keep warm hearty meals

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5 foods harmful to the waistline

5 продуктов, вредных для талии

To achieve a flat stomach is not difficultYou play sports, lead a healthy lifestyle, adhere to proper nutrition, and "life preserver" of fat around the waist still can not go? Perhaps, you use the wrong products.No бутербродовpixabay.comBreadAny flour-based products, even if they are not high in calories, not sweet and you eat them little by little, still help to increase the belly fat. About the pies and the cakes, too, and say no

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Why the school year should begin with a visit to the dentist

Many parents do not understand, why go to the dentist with kids: they will still fall out baby teeth. find out why even young children need a reorganization of the mouthSanitation involves a range of procedures, from bleaching and ending with tooth extraction. The reorganization required to children not only in front of the school or kindergarten, and before going to summer camp

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