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Get rid of PMS

The days before menstruation, you can do much nicerIf the "red calendar days" do not come to you without annoying pulling sensation or pain in the lower stomach, headaches, worsening of mood, you should be especially careful to follow their way of life in the second half of the cycle.Doctors say that the unpleasant harbingers of menstruation is, as are the selection, the result of changes in hormone levels that occur after ovulation

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Harmony and motivation: how not to leave the chosen path

Стройность и мотивация: как не сойти с выбранного пути

What is the secret of those who live in harmony with one's own body permanently, not just lose weight before the beach seasonMovement — life, health and beauty. But somehow most of us remember on the eve of the hot season, trying on swimsuits and short shorts. Once a year, awakened in us the desire to Excel — and we furiously begin to work up a sweat, trying for a matter of weeks "to build a body

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The secrets of effective body wraps

Effective body treatments can be done at homeThe first thing to do is handle scrub brush or stiff areas of the body for the wrap. It will literally pave the way for useful substances contained in the composition wraps. By the way, weight for application to the body as you can buy and cook yourself. Home most popular coffee, oil and honey recipes wraps.Carefully smeared himself with composition, wrap in plastic wrap

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Salt helps to lose weight

Researchers found this after analyzing data on the diet of astronautsMaterials for the study were the food diaries of the astronauts working on the orbital station "Mir". Experts from Harvard University said that by increasing the amount of salt in the diet, the amount of liquid was reduced, but urine does not become smaller.So the theory that the salt retains fluid in the body and causes the desire to drink may be incorrect

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What consequences threatens breast lift

Plastic surgeons warn that this operation is even more complicated than the increase in bust with implantsWhen a woman gets her breast shape which she had before giving birth and breastfeeding with the surgeon, they all say "Oh, she just pulled chest." But really all this was not easy. Much more complicated than breast augmentation with implants.A breast lift requires more incisions, because the essence of the operation consists of removing excess skin

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This food makes you tired

What you eat, are frequently the cause of the breakdown in the middle of the dayAnd, oddly enough, it is primarily the sweets that contain a lot of sugar and calories and, we think, should give us energy. But the reality is different. Candy, cookies, waffles and cakes are full of fast carbs, which raise the blood sugar level. But to stay at the desired height, he is not able and quickly falls down, making us sleepy

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6 secrets of harmony from Anna Sedokova

6 секретов стройности от Анны Седоковой

Mother of three children told how faster to get in shapeRecently Anna Sedokova became a mother for the third time. Despite the difficulties with the advent of a child into the world, the singer has returned to the body. About how she succeeded in such a short time, she told my podeschi.Of Ani turned out good мать "If you want a beautiful bellies and press, then help your microflora," writes Anna

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The truth about crossfit

Tell about all the nuances of some of the most effective workoutsEven if sport is an integral part of your life, you've probably heard about this type of training as crossfit. Thanks to crossfit many girls have dream body: toned, slender and strong. Crossfit has become so popular that worldwide there are a huge number of gyms that focus only on him.One training session at crossfit may include stretching, running, jumping, strength exercises and more

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Found a replacement BMI

The body mass index is recognized as a sufficiently informative indicatorScientists have found that BMI does not take into account a lot of factors and cannot serve as a universal method of evaluating how safe for human health.Experts say that great concern must not cause the total body weight, and the weight of his torso (the area from the Breasts to the hips)

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Select diet age

To reduce weight and feel good, you need to follow the diet which suits your ageSo, if twenty years to get rid of a few extra pounds, enough to stop eating sweets, fast food and processed foods, thirty, this room will not pass. It requires a more serious approach.Recent studies have shown that to achieve the result of thirty years you should limit the fat content of food consumed and the amount eaten meat. To become vegetarian is not necessary, but make only plant one meal won't hurt

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