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6 ways to get rid of excessive sweating

6 способов избавиться от повышенной потливости

Stop bacteria to multiply and cause an unpleasant smellWe are waiting for the spring and summer — days are hot. And the temperature will increase the perspiration process. The liquid has no smell, but when interacting with the bacteria living on the skin, can cause specific smell. To be confident, take care of your pits beforehand.DEODORANTSWhile they are on sale in every store, the choice is great: want for white clothes, you want to black, with the smell of perfume in the tone, or neutral

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Laser hair removal: the pros and cons

Лазерная эпиляция: плюсы и минусы

Before deciding on a costly procedure, it is necessary to consider all the factors. says who it will suit and what results to expectThe wave of popularity of the procedure for removal of unwanted hair by laser has swept the social network. Salons and then offer individual and joint sessions of laser hair removal — the amounts vary widely

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Notes of whiskey, vodka and rum in modern perfumery

There is nothing surprising in the fact that the alcoholic notes are often found in the legendary scents, because the alcohol and perfume are inextricably linked for many centuriesToday, the variety of these perfumes is not inferior to the range of wine and spirits products on the shelves. So let's see how they attract the best perfumers of our time.Alcoholic notes are equally met in both the male and female compositions

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Sleep, my joy: how to build mode

Спи, моя радость: как выстроить режим

Chronic fatigue can seriously damage your health. cares about you, so will give some tips for quality sleepDue to the frantic pace of life in an adult is less time to sleep. And no wonder: during the day a person needs to perform a huge number of cases, so you have to make concessions and to sacrifice something. Most people sacrifice sleep.A person needs sleep to maintain performance for a long time. Otherwise starts to fail memory and concentration deteriorates significantly

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The dangers during a manicure

Опасности, которые грозят во время маникюра

You may not know about the consequences of safe, at first glance, the procedure. tell the wizard you need to carefully observeHand care is one of the essential procedures that should be done regularly in order to look neat. It is now fashionable to apply the gel Polish and design to your taste — so girls not only adds an accent to a casual look, but also Express themselves. Many of us used to go in a certain room and not even looking to make master for 1

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What you need to know about vitamins

With the onset of spring, many begin taking a multivitamin to support weakened during the winter the body. Now about them is a lot of controversy. I tried to clear all speculationSay, you need to choose a multivitamin.In fact: our body need vitamins just need. We get them from food. Thus consumed very quickly, since most displayed together with the liquid. Therefore, the vitamins need to be supplied regularly

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How to remove muscle pain after exercise

Как убрать боль в мышцах после тренировки

Effective tips that will help speed up the metabolism of lactic acid and to remove spasm in the musclesIf you're in the gym or in the group programs, then surely you are familiar with an unpleasant feeling after a grueling workout in the morning muscle ache, difficult to move quickly and completely fighting off the desire to play sports

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Exercises for thighs: get ready for summer

Упражнения для бедер: готовимся к лету

Winter is over, spring will fly by and there will be beach days. will help you to prepare for the warm season and put himself in orderThe area below the waist is the most difficult to study. You'll need a lot of patience, not to quit halfway without seeing the result in a few days. To achieve a visible effect will have to spend enough time and effort

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Skin care decollete

Уход за кожей в области декольте

Useful advice from dermatologist, cosmetologist Anton AverbukhThe skin in the neck has several characteristics: it is thin, less than in other parts of the body or face, pronounced layer of subcutaneous fat, there is a tendency to pigmentation, and the appearance of rosacea, explains Dr. Averbukh.Anton Overbounteously press servicesFor hydration and nutrition of this zone, you can use specially designed tools or creams for the face

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5 products that remain on the sides and belly

5 продуктов, которые остаются на боках и животе

Time to prepare the body for swimsuit seasonTo lose weight, we diet will exhaust yourself with workouts, but once the result is achieved, it must be maintained. One only has to give a little slack, and please, all the efforts went belly — fat again nestled on my stomach and sides, while arms and legs remain slender. "Lifeline" at the waist spoils the whole appearance. The solution is simple — remove from his menu certain products

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