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Secrets beautiful neckline

Plastic surgery is not the only way to achieve elastic chestWith the loss of elasticity of the breast as well as disease much easier to prevent than to cure. So no matter how many years you may be, you know — it's time to begin a comprehensive exercise to maintain your chest in good order.By and large, breast care differs little from the facial. Décolleté need to cleanse, tone and moisturize. The cleansing should not be done with rough washcloths and shower gel, drying the skin

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Why the city of the sun is dangerous for skin

Почему городское солнце опасно для кожи

Julia Angel — beauty blogger, expert beauty and health, businesswoman, says about how to protect themselves from the ultraviolet radiation in the metropolisDespite the fact that the summer does not indulge us hot weather, the sun from time to time all the same Peeps and even hot. Do not be fooled into believing that the danger of ultraviolet light may present on our skin is only somewhere in the South, where the air temperature in the shade exceeds 40

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Female infertility: a problem that can not be silent

Female infertility is one of the most challenging problems of modern medicine.According to the portal DocDoc, about 25% of women of childbearing age have difficulty conceiving.Experts gynecologists tell us that the proportion of tubal-peritoneal form of infertility (obstruction of the fallopian tubes) is about 40% of the total number of pathologies of reproductive function. Ovulation occurs on time, but due to mechanical obstacles, the egg reaches the uterus

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Red card for fitness

Can I do sports during menstruation?Pitoreske from Instagram saying that to give up fitness because of critical days, as such relief would adversely affect the figure. But if you don't intend to show off the abs to their subscribers you don't have to follow the advice of experienced athletes.For example, for the average women, during menstruation, severe pain in the lower abdomen, suffering from migraines with too profuse discharge, exercise in the critical days unwanted

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Australian nail Polish: what it is and why you need

Now in the Arsenal of "national" not only the French manicuresUnlike its European counterparts, Australian manicure — this is not the way of decoration of the nail plate. Rather, it is a set of SPA treatments and rituals that allow the handles always look good.The main difference between Australian nail Polish is a way to remove the cuticle. Please contact the salon for this service, you will not be faced with the need to cut or dissolve the cuticle

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But if it's not just fatigue

What may indicate fatigue?Looking for cheerful girls from Instagram who manage to strike a virtuoso make-UPS, to hone the body in the gym, raise children, spend time with my husband and to reach the heights in your career, we are beginning to envy. To combine all this seems unreal. And it's really almost impossible unless you have the AU pair and nannies. However, to significantly improve your health and make your schedule more saturated we can

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Found a drink of harmony

It is sold in every supermarket and is not expensive!Surprisingly, but to promote weight loss may be the normal milk! Researchers found that women who drink daily two glasses of milk (glasses with a volume of 250 milliliters, in any case, not half-liter), lose weight faster.The secret of milk is that it increases physical endurance and gives the opportunity to lead a more active lifestyle: Hiking and being in the gym

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Nails with LEDs — a new trend in manicure

You have never seen!As girls tend to give Shine to your manicure? Correctly, by using coatings with sequins of different colors and sizes. However, the known master of manicure Eunkyung Park, host of the popular Instagram-blog @nail_unistella, felt that this is not enough.The girl offers to attach to the ends of the nails with miniature LEDs flashing all the colors of the rainbow. Especially effective this manicure looks in night clubs

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What to do about cystitis and how to avoid recurrence

Что делать при цистите и как избежать повторного заболевания

Warm weather has a beneficial effect on the reproduction of many bacteria. Including so in the summer often suffer from cystitis. learned the signs of this inflammatory disease and ways to avoid itThe main symptoms of cystitis are frequent and painful urination, sometimes several times per hour, muddy urine mixed with blood, abdominal pain, sometimes high temperature.The first thing to do when cystitis is to increase fluid intake

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Diet one day

This diet will require the efforts of only one day a week, however, it is necessary to observe for seven daysThese recommendations for the transition to a healthy lifestyle created by Brooke Alpert, and they fit absolutely everything. Brooke allows you to choose what to eat and how to train. You can choose any foods and physical activity that you personally give good results and bring pleasure.The only thing that takes Brooke Alpert — discipline

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