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Most sexy fragrances in the history

Самые сексуальные ароматы в истории

What fragrance embody the eroticism and awaken wildest fantasies?Let's be honest: the world is ruled by animal instinct. No matter how we tried to "humanize" their passions often prevail they. And it is not surprising that almost all of the global beauty industry sharpened by our needs — to show the world her sex appeal to show sexy without scruple to declare their intentions. Learning accents with a sensual perfume from the category "18+"

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Legs: secrets of a perfect pedicure

Ноги в руки: секреты идеального педикюра

How to properly care for your feet in the hot season? Answer!Already a month since we threw heavy, solid shoes in the closet and happy to rush around the city in sandals and light shoes. Beauty? Of course! Only now with the onset of hot days we are faced with a painful problem. Blisters, rubs, corns can seriously ruin a long-awaited season, which is why one should be concerned about proper pedicure and home care for the skin of the feet. Experts of the Metropolitan salons told how to do it

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Listerin: a tool for external beauty and inner harmony

According to numerous studies conducted worldwide, every year the number of people suffering from dermatological disorders, only increasesThe most common problems of this direction in Russia affects approximately 1% of the population. About 50% of all citizens are women that skin problems bring serious internal suffering. This fact is clearly indicated by statistics research. Thus, it was found that more than a third of them have mental disorders of one or another character

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Truth and fiction about the SPF

Expert — PhD, author more than 20 scientific articles on cosmetology Maria Shirshakova explains what really lies behind these three lettersIn the summer the sun our skin is exposed to extremely intense effects, which not only can cause burns, but also to be the cause of various diseases. These effects are typical in everyday life in the city, what can we say about a beach holiday

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Editor's choice: 11 funds for cuticle care

Выбор редакции: 11 средств для ухода за кутикулой was the rating of oils and creams due to which your hands will look perfectIn the old days hands unapproachable beauties in a fit of passion kissing knights and kings. Well groomed what was supposed to be palchiki ladies! But, as we know from the course of history, medieval ladies thought about the beauty of nails last. It is time to correct their legacy, especially now that our services — a whole Arsenal of oils and creams to care for the nail plate and the cuticle

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Meet the summer in perfect form: 5 Express tips

Expert — absolute champion of Russia on fitness bikini, coach, mother of many children Ksenia Ponomareva — shares the secrets of how to lose weight in a short time In anticipation of summer, each woman wants to look brilliant. After all, in front of a beach and mini bikini. But the extra pounds disrupt all the plans. In a panic, the woman throws herself on different diets from which her body and she will be stressed. Waiting vacation turns into flour

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How to build a press with singing?

Expert — that vocal classes can replace fitness clubExpert Larisa Kudryavtseva, was a teacher of pop singing, singer, head of the school of pop singing, among the students which singer Cyril Unredeem, actors Andrey Sokolov, Olesya Zheleznyak and others, talks about the benefits of singing for your figure and health."Lessons vocals can be compared to sports, it's a big burden for the body. Also sports in us produce seratonin — the hormone of happiness

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Nice job with the "Atmosphere of beauty": the experiment continues

Молодей с «Атмосферой красоты»: эксперимент продолжается

The participants of the unique project demonstrated the first visible results of the therapySo, behind the next stage of the joint project of magazine "Atmosphere of beauty" and Expert Clinics. Under the guidance of Dr. Donich Dorine selected participants continuing treatment by a unique methodology that allows you to restore hormonal function of the body and slow the aging process. We monitor new impressions of our heroines.Admission is Dorina Donici, Dr

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Nice job with the "Atmosphere of beauty": positive results are already obvious

Молодей с «Атмосферой красоты»: положительные результаты уже очевидны

Participating special about improvements in health status, energy level and appearanceWe continue to report on the progress of the joint project of our magazine and Expert Clinics. Recall that under the guidance of Dr. Donich Dorina selected participants undergo a therapeutic course in a unique technique that allows you to restore hormonal function of the body and slow the aging process. It took not much time, but positive results are already obvious

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Kill star

Expert in the diagnosis and treatment of varicose veins, the doctor-phlebologist Irakli Kutije answers questions about how is varicose veins and what to do if the first symptomsAccording to statistics, 80% of women suffer from varicose veins and only 30% men. What is this gender spread?To begin with, identify the main causes of varicose veins

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