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Sweet tooth is dedicated to: what desserts the low calorie

What we all fear when going on a diet? That's right: to refuse such a delicious and favorite sweets. No need to panic: prepared a list of sweet foods that will not harm your figure

Before you run to the store and buy low-calorie sweets, it is necessary to remember: the best time for eating Goodies, the first half of the day. If you will allow yourself a little weakness in the form of a favorite dessert, you can not worry: you will get power energy for whole day, satisfy your hunger, and extra pounds will not have time to secede from your waist.

First in the list of low-calorie sweets bitter chocolate, which strengthens blood vessels and helps to cope with stress. You should choose correctly in the tile of such chocolate must contain 76-78% cocoa. Dark chocolate helps the body produce the hormone of happiness, and after eating a tile, you will feel happy!

Marmalade is not only low calorie but also healthy sweetness. The composition of marmalade includes pectin which reduce cholesterol, improve the functioning of internal organs, remove toxins from the body and strengthen the immune system. If marmalade is your favorite dessert, you will prevent the accumulation of excess fluid in the body due to its diuretic action.

Сладкоежкам посвящается: какие десерты самые низкокалорийные

Marmalade contains pectin

Marshmallows and candy, like marmalade, contain pectin, which will bring the body of salt and reduce the irritation of the gastric mucosa.

What else is this useful and not harmful for the figure you can eat? Along with the tea you can afford a spoonful of honey. Though the calories it is the same as sugar, but honey is much better. To abuse this sweetness is not — quite two tablespoons of honey a day, and you will get all the nutrients and vitamins, but will remain in the form.

Сладкоежкам посвящается: какие десерты самые низкокалорийные

Honey is a much healthier sugar

Dried fruits: apricots, prunes, dates, figs, apples, pears −easily satisfy your hunger and supply the body with energy that is not deposited in fat. Eat fruits during snack and will not recover. Nutritionists give one piece of advice: before use, soak the fruits in water during the day, periodically changing the water, and you will get rid of harmful substances, which manufacturers process them for longer storage.

All of these desserts tasty, healthy and low calorie. If you want something sweet, do not deny yourself this, but the portions should be in reasonable quantities — and in any case not at night!

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