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Improve the metabolism can each

The metabolic rate depends not only on genetics but also on our lifestyle

Very often we are envious sigh, looking at the slender friends: "Oh, probably metabolic good." And maybe it is, but our metabolism can be not worse if you overclock it.

The first thing most people think, hearing about the acceleration of metabolism — sport. And this is in principle correct. But to exercise it wisely. Full training length of hours or more need to make not more than 2-3 times a week. Daily sweating in the hall did not improve the results but rather worsen them.

The fact that training is always a stress for our body. If this stress occurs only from time to time, it acts as a boost to the active burning of calories. But exhausting yourself in the gym women aktiviziruyutsya cortisol, which prevents the get rid of body fat. By the way, to neutralize cortisol and improve digestion will help the spinach, tomatoes, almonds and strawberries.

In addition to getting rid of fat, you need to get rid of excess moisture. To do this, oddly enough, drink more, since the lack of water the body begins to store all the liquid that falls into it. So 2 litres is the daily low.

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