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What to do if skin is burned

Tell how quickly and effectively heal skin after intensive sunbathing

If you happen to go to the sea but you overdid the stay on the beach, you can understand. So in the summer, as this year in Russia, it is not surprising that you could not get enough sunlight.

So, if the skin is red and sore or blisters — so you burned down. To improve your condition as soon as notice the symptoms, take a cool shower or apply to affected areas of the ice.

Then go to the pharmacy and buy a healing ointment. In its composition can be aloe Vera, panthenol, etc. will be Useful for pain reliever, like ibuprofen. It can be adopted, if external funds will not be able to relieve suffering.

Don't try to disguise the burnt skin on the face with makeup. It will only worsen the situation. A couple of days take care of the skin and do not use gels for washing, tonics and any creams, except for healing. During the week, avoid scrubs and peels.

Try as little as possible to disturb the damaged area and cover them, going outside, wear loose clothes.

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