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Manicure for a rainy summer

Instead of being sad from lack of sun, the manicurist came up with a lot of options for the appropriate nail design

Usually summer manicure is characterized by the abundance of bright colors. Nails are made with the use of marine motifs, they are drawn to the fruits, the sun, umbrellas are used red, orange, yellow, green and other juicy shades. But this year in most parts of European Russia such colors will not look quite appropriate, they often glumly.

Publication from Mary Petersen (@choganoga)APR 9 2016 9:33 PDT

Trending now nail Polish in rainy colours: white, grey, blue. You can completely paint the nails in one of these colors or to create a complex interesting design.

Publication from M (@mcts03)May 13 2016 at 7:43 PDT

Most often experts recommend to draw on the nails drop. They can draw a contrast lacquer or glitter. In addition, the drops you can sculpt acrylic or to use to create rhinestone.

Publication of Kaori Takahashi (@kaori__takahashi)Jul 4 2017 6:41 PDT

In addition to the drops on the nails can be painted clouds, umbrellas, paper boats, couple, kissing in the rain. Space for the imagination no less than in any other season.

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