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Dangerous closet

Some clothing items can harm the health

Many believe that wearing a Thong adversely affects the female reproductive system. And indeed it is. For the thin string of her panties, along the physiological holes, easily move germs or bacteria, resulting in vaginal infections. Adversely affect women's health can and synthetic underwear that reduces breathability and creates a greenhouse effect between the legs. Inexpensive brightly colored underwear to wear that is undesirable. Poor quality dyes can cause allergies in the most delicate areas.

Too short shorts — low barrier to bacteria, which in large quantities are on the benches in the parks and seats on public transport. Don't want to get it — wear clothes that protected the genital area.

Опасный гардероб

The constant wearing of underwire bras is bad for sgaravatto:

Constant wearing underwire bras increases the risk of developing breast cancer. So outside of work (at home, on walks, in the gym) it is better to use a soft sports tops with breast support. And don't sleep in a bra — it reduces the quality of sleep and gives you rest.

For the female body is highly undesirable too tight clothing, for example skinny jeans and tight shorts. These things contribute to the deterioration of blood circulation in the lower body, which can lead to varicose veins and pelvic problems.

Опасный гардероб

Jumpsuits better to wear prietto:

Seemingly innocuous jumpsuit — also not the best clothing for women. It is difficult to remove, so by wearing overalls, we try as little as possible to go to the toilet. It is fraught with bladder infections.

Everything said does not mean that it is not the perfect clothes you need to throw. But it is better to reduce wear.

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