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Beach nourishment should be safe

On vacation we always take it easy, but in relation to nutrition it is better to be on the alert

On the beaches located on the territory of the former USSR, it's very common sale of food and beverages with portable trays. Usually, the range of corn, a variety of pies, fish and seafood, ice cream. All the campers know that the storage conditions of these dishes are not the most favorable, but still often can't resist buying. Perhaps this text will force you to reconsider the food on the beach.

Let's start with a hearty and quick snack — pastries stuffed with meat. For their sale, as a rule, do not use the refrigerator. Products are sold with an ordinary open pan, the temperature of which is equal to the ambient temperature.

Unfortunately, +30 or even +25 is not the best temperature for storage of meat pies and sausage rolls. In such conditions, they deteriorate in just a couple of hours. Therefore, their use should be abandoned. It is much safer to buy pastries in a cafe in which to comply with the desired temperature. Poisoning threatens, and eating fish, period of fishing and the date of preparation which is impossible to install.

Boiled corn is also not as safe. Often it can be sour. Moreover, damage is not always possible to determine by smell.

If you wanted to eat ice cream, buy it from sellers who have at least a cooler. Safe ice should not be deformed. Well, if its packaging is transparent and you can see that inside the package there is no frost (it indicates that the product has been defrosted).

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