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"Bad" foods can be useful

Scientists refuted the idea of the futility of certain foods

A number of diets that exist in today's world, it is difficult to count. They are all something banned. Alone dictate rejection of the meat, the second is recommended to avoid cereals and potatoes. However, the truth is always somewhere in the middle.

So, the doctors found that the consumption of cheese in moderate amounts does not increase weight. Despite its fat content, cheese is rich in protein and calcium, which promotes good health and enhance metabolism.

Nothing wrong nutritionists have not seen in the inclusion in the diet of red meat: such as beef and pork. Meat high in protein, and it is very helpful. But to get the benefit and avoid harm, the size of the steak should not exceed half of the palm. High — hand.

If you want pasta, do not deny yourself. But select whole grains from the flour. They will give a feeling of satiety.

To the delight of lovers of nuts, the experts called them a great way to avoid unnecessary snacking. Nuts are well saturated and rich in proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. Handful of nuts and you are full for a few hours.

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