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We choose the best manicure

These signs will tell you that manicurist is not a qualified professional

First and foremost, make sure that the wizard sterilize tools in hot-closet. If they come out of a sealed Kraft package when you — all right.

Second, pay attention to which drugs uses nail technicians. It is desirable that the base and a decorative top coat was the same brand, otherwise there is a risk of adverse chemical reaction that can damage your nails. Liquid nail Polish remover should not contain acetone, as this compound is strongly dries the nail plate.

If you are the owner of natural nail brush used in nail Polish, should not be an indicator of the abrasiveness above 240 units. 260 and 280 are only for artificial nails.

To remove the gel and acrylic coatings by the method of cutting is undesirable. A much safer means of solvent coating. To cut the top layer of the nail plate is not necessary and before extension or application of gel Polish.

Too thick coating impairs the growth of nails, this impedes the supply of oxygen. In addition, danger may lurk in the lamp for drying gel Polish. If the instrument is too cheap, it can give too large a dose of UV rays. You can tell by the tingling during drying or sunburn on the tips of his fingers.

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