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10 mistakes that women made during depilation

In the summer we carefully monitor the smoothness of the legs. However, carefully getting rid of every hair, many do it incorrectly

Improper storage of the razor

Storing razor outside on the shelf in the bathroom leads to corrosion of the blade. To prolong the service life of the machine, after each use, rinse thoroughly and wipe it dry. Keep the razor better in a closed Cabinet or outside the bathroom to avoid ingress of moisture.

A wrong training your legs for shaving

Cold or warm water will not allow the shaving cream to soak into the skin and make it less effective. So always asprivate feet with hot towels before shaving. Thus, the hairs will be softened, be easier to srivatsa, and legs will become smoother.

Shaving against the hair growth

You should always shave hair in the direction of their growth. Otherwise, you may receive an irritation in the form of red pimples. Besides shaving against the hair growth increases the risk of minor wounds and skin cuts.

A quick and dry shave

Shaving dry legs can also increase irritation and the appearance of ingrown hairs. Even if there is a shaving, you need to give skin and hair well wet, lowering his feet into the water at least three minutes.

Shave in the morning

By evening, all legs slightly swell, and because shaving is more effective than in the morning, when the short hairs are hiding in rested and recovered during the night legs.

10 ошибок, которые женщины допускают при депиляции

Smooth legs is legatto:

Using a blunt razor

Disposable razors can be used not more than three or four times, after which they should be changed. Multiple machines also need to monitor and change blades as soon as they even slightly dull.

Neglect peeling

Peeling before shaving or applying wax and epilator will allow you to achieve the best results in the fight against unwanted vegetation. A regular exfoliation will help prevent ingrown hairs.

Exfoliation after waxing

At the same time to do the peel immediately after waxing is not recommended. You should wait a few days to give the skin to recover and prevent irritation.

Waxing before or after the critical days

Remove hair with epilator or wax is better not to directly before, during or immediately after the critical days, as hormonal fluctuations can make waxing more painful. It is better to use this method in the middle of the cycle.

The rejection of sunscreen

Waxing makes the skin more sensitive, which can lead to sunburn and hyperpigmentation. Therefore, always apply on legs sunscreen after the procedure, if you go in the sun.

By the way...

Women sought to smooth the skin since time immemorial. Inhabitant of Ancient Egypt removed the hairs with tweezers made from seashells, pumice and beeswax. In the Roman Empire in the course went the blade of sharpened stones and thread that women Ter required for the depilation area, confusing them and pulling the hairs from the root. In the Middle ages, to ensure that the hair stopped growing, skin rubbed walnut oil and wrapped in bandages impregnated with vinegar and cat's... excrement. Razor was invented only in the 60-ies of the XVIII century.

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