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Lose weight in the office

If you started to gain weight, but I can't find the time for fitness, you will help simple rules of behavior in the workplace

The two main reasons we get fat — eating more calories than you need, and low physical activity.

Usually at work we regularly drink tea with sweets. It's kind of a tradition, a method to distract from routine and to reboot our brains. Maybe so, but to avoid overeating, keep cookies not on my desktop, and in the kitchen. Otherwise, you will be able to quietly eat 200 grams, that pulls half your daily calorie intake.

Factory of sweets is replaced by dried fruits and nuts. They saturate much better than candy, and even vitamins.

Before you eat something harmful, look at yourself in the mirror. Perhaps your appetite will dramatically decrease. To escape from thinking about food will help also green tea and citrus smell.

By the way, to relieve tension not only with food, but also having a five-minute warm-up.

Lunchtime is best done not in the office. Stand up, stroll to the nearest café. Or eat in the kitchen, and then a little walk around the building or around it.

To improve physical fitness may be the failure of the Elevator. Stair climbing allows you to spend the energy derived from food, and to pump up muscles of legs and buttocks. Park away from the building entrance or get off at a stop earlier than required.

Use smaller messengers. Want to say something to a colleague? Get up from your chair and walk up to him.

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