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Affordable Superfoods

Not all healthy food have to buy at exorbitant prices. Some amazing products available to everyone

Everyone knows that eating fruits and berries is helpful, but not everyone realizes what a favor bear every fruit. You know that cherries are rich in antioxidants and watermelon helps you stay hydrated in the summer?

Seeing in the market or store blueberries — grab! This berry great fights various inflammations in the body, helps the brain to stay in shape and improves mood. Overseas avocados despite their fat content, helps to keep slim. For women it is especially important, because our reproductive system can not function properly without the right fats.

If with the onset of heat you are starting to suffer swelling, easy on the Basil. It excretes salt, which tends to trap moisture. And how delicious Basil mixed with tomatoes!

Tomatoes can also be called Superfoods. The substances contained in them, to fight free radicals, protect from harmful sun rays and help to preserve youth.

A huge benefit well as eggplant, beets and green peas. If you are obese, beets, it is better to eat raw in salads, and peas choose: fresh or frozen.

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