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5 tips to keep the bust in perfect condition

Take care of your Breasts from an early age

Taking care of your face, we often somehow forget about the neck and chest, although the skin is even more delicate and requires not less attention. Always remember the cleavage area and do not make mistakes, which will warn you

Tip # 1

Buying a bra, always take its size and suitable form to structure your figure. Tight little bra restricts the chest, difficult breathing and disrupts the blood supply to the mammary glands. Linen also larger just does not fulfill its function, it does not support the chest and it droops under its own weight.

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Buy your размер

Tip # 2

Forget the tweezers. Sometimes around the areola of the nipple appear dark ugly hair. Of course, it's very frustrating, but plucking will not only help to cope with the problem, but on the contrary can be, for example, inflammation of the follicle. Carefully trim the hair with scissors and consult a gynecologist-endocrinologist. The doctor will help you cope with this trouble.

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Mammary glands require аккуратности

Tip # 3

Don't let the men roughly grab you by the chest and squeezing it. And while many women like it and leads to the excitation, it can also lead to bruising and circulatory disorders.


Tip # 4

The nipple is not the best and convenient place for the piercing, find another. Of course, it is fashionable and many even seemed beautiful, but very dangerous. Puncture on the chest is healing much longer than in other places. There is a great risk of infection and inflammation of the breast very unpleasant thing. You run the risk of an infection in his lymph system.

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You don't have yourself травмировать

Tip # 5

Do not forget to smear his chest moisturizer, mask making and care for her the same as. The skin in the chest area is very delicate and sensitive. She is aging faster than other areas. And, of course, be sure to apply on the chest means that protect from UV rays.

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Daily care like лица

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