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Increase the chances of pregnancy

Want to conceive a child, make sure that your man didn't do anything to prevent the birth of a new life

For example, the quality and quantity of germ cells in the ejaculate of men depends on how often he has sex. Harmful as prolonged abstinence, and daily bedding. Ideally, if the sexual acts is 1-3 days.

Don't forget that we are what we eat. Therefore, in order to increase the chances of conceiving, the pair needs a proper balanced diet in which there is no excess of sweets, fried, smoked, fat.

By the way, if men are overweight, when planning a pregnancy it is better to lose weight. It's all in govnah that obesity deviate from normal values.

Those who are accustomed to endless hours in the gym, it is better to stop taking steroids. Because of them, the number of normal sperm decreases sharply. If a man loves to ride a bike, he can continue to do it when a couple is trying to have a baby. However, care should be taken that the seat was not too hard.

Proven that Smoking makes sperm less mobile, and therefore harder to reach the goal. Alcohol intake also negatively affects fertility. Really afford from time to time a glass of wine can still be important not to get carried away spirits and not absorb liters of beer.

Experts also recommend that for males to renounce tight underwear and trousers, and checked for infections that can interfere with conception.

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