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The secrets of intimate health

All about caring for the most intimate parts of the body

Let's start with the fact that the external genitals are in need of regular washing. This can be done with water. Special gels and foams are required only if you are rich or overly Mara linen selection. Use funds only after consulting a gynecologist.

By the way, the excessive desire for purity can play a cruel joke with you: from the inside to wash yourself is not necessary. It is fraught with violations of the microflora, reducing the amount of natural lubrication and problems in sex.

If you have a profuse discharge outside the critical days can use the daily strips. They do not bring neither harm nor benefit, but to facilitate cleaning spit linen. Just remember that daily the same as regular pads, and tampons need to be changed every four hours.

Fans of smoothness in intimate places you can not worry about their health: pubic hair and lower in the modern world do not perform any function. Delete them in any way. In accordance with instructions, will be safe and shaving, and waxing and other methods.

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