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The consequences of the attempts alone to cure warts and papillomas

According to statistics, in the summer there are many patients who tried herbal withdraw skin lesions. learned how it is harmful

Wart, papilloma — benign tumors of the skin caused by human papilloma virus (HPV). The virus is transmitted sexually and through shared personal hygiene items and toilet. There are many popular ways in which people try to get rid of warts and papillomas.


This plant is popularly known as "Borodavkin". It is believed that the juice of celandine helps to remove warts and to deal with other skin diseases. But the juice of the plant may be allergic or inflammatory reaction. Toxic substances contained in celandine can damage the skin and cause severe burns, i.e., the consequences can be much problematic than the original papilloma. Even more risky remedies sold in drugstores, online and infomercials for self-removal of warts and papillomas. They usually contain concentrated acid or alkali and leave a rough, deep scars.


Some people use compresses and lotions with vinegar and even vinegar. Skin burns — the most common result of these efforts.


The juice of garlic can cause skin burns. Let's not as scary as from acid or vinegar, but also nothing pleasant.


Poultice of raw potato is safe, but, alas, completely useless method of dealing with warts and papillomas.

Silk thread

This is the most popular and cheapest method (thread tie up the base of the papilloma). But where is the guarantee that injured harmless an education?

Mirimanova Olga Anatolievna, doctor-dermatologist, cosmetologist:

— To remove skin tumors alone is strictly prohibited! First: the layman will not be able to determine the type of neoplasm, nor be sure of its purity. It is impossible not only to remove warts and papillomas, but also try to reduce age spots at home. Skin cancer is able to disguise and waiting in the wings. But even if, say, it is really a benign tumor — do not try to cauterize, to reduce or cut. Trauma to the wart, you most likely stimulate its rapid growth or provoke inflammation. High risk of infection. Very often leaves scars.

You need to remember that warts and papillomas — the manifestation of the HPV virus. He "looks up" due to stress, infections, colds, exacerbation of chronic diseases, Smoking and other bad habits. Healthy lifestyle, positive emotions will help "put to sleep", to suppress the virus. Be sure to protect the skin from sunburn. Try not to touch your bare skin to the objects in public places, especially if there is a cut, redness, irritation. Remember that warts and papillomas are not only ugly, but also contagious. They definitely need to remove. But only in the clinic, after mandatory diagnosis. With significant HPV lesions of the skin and frequent relapses are appointed Immunostimulants, in addition, a General survey, primarily HIV.

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