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The miracle of Pilates: be the best version of myself

These exercises will give you more than just a beautiful body

In most sports clubs Pilates referred to the group of training Body and Mind, which translated means "Soul and Body". There also includes yoga.

As everyone knows, yoga is not fitness for weight loss or building muscle. It is a philosophy, adherence to which allows to make the body harmonious, resilient, flexible, and to reach agreement with yourself to solve many psychological problems.

Pilates in this sense can be as valuable as yoga. These favorite dancers classes allow you to treat your body to help the joints and muscles to move, forming a beautiful posture. Doing Pilates, you can forget about many health problems.

After training in Pilates, there is no feeling "squeezed lemon". On the contrary, Pilates helps to calm down after a hard day at work, to knead and stretch the body, tired from the long sitting in the office, and relieves stress.

The slowness of training ensures that participants learn to listen to your body, to feel each of his muscles. In the future it helps to react to any ailments.

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