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The purging: safe and effective

The most effective non-drug ways to enhance the excretory function of the body

Doctors believe that normal our intestines not in need of funds for purification. With proper nutrition, sufficient physical activity and the absence of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, evacuation should be independent and regular. However, if due to errors in diet have any constipation or rashes on the skin, it is possible to help the body get rid of excess.

I have to say — we are against laxatives from the pharmacy without a doctor's prescription and strict dosage control. Them wrong can have a negative impact on the intestinal flora.

Therefore, we recommend you to begin to deal with the problem with traditional methods. For example, start to eat more dried fruits (apricots, prunes), which, due to the abundance of fiber in the composition, well removed from the intestine all unnecessary contents, including bacteria and excess moisture. Also a good helping of salad of coarse vegetables (cabbage, carrots and beets), nuts and vegetable oils.

If you don't have time to cook cleansing meals — buy in a drugstore laxatives bars based on dried fruits. They are not a cure and is sold without a prescription.

Cleansing juices — an unfortunate choice. They have no fiber to help promote cleansing. But there is sugar, which is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

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