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Scientists have found a way to relieve women from PMS

It turns out that to cope with unpleasant symptoms is not difficult

We all know that PMS is a complex of sensations that occurs in women due to changes in hormonal background before menstruation. At this time most of us are not in the mood (may be crying, or, conversely, aggression), increased appetite (especially for sweets).

Doctor of medical Sciences Ira Jaffe has extensively studied the problem of premenstrual syndrome and concluded that significantly reduce its intensity or even get rid of it is capable of changing your diet.

To normalize the emotional background, quite a few days before menstruation and during it to eat more cabbage (any: white, colored, broccoli etc), lean meat and fish.

It is also important to avoid stress and not to plan for expected date of critical days important, physically and emotionally challenging events: interview, track and field athletics marathons and so on.

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